hi. im jen. and this my blog.


  1. Hey, honey: tried to comment on your latest post. It's a doozy, but the blog won't let me. Want to send you an email, to tell you a lot of things. A whole lot.

    Just to let you know, no comments being allowed on your latest post.

    Love to you, xo

  2. You are such a cutie! Your "about" description is hilarious and I wish you the best on your blog, your countdown to NY, and everything in between.

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I'm glad you found me and that I got to learn more about you through your blog. New follower in the house!


  3. Wow! It's very nice to "meet" you Jen.

  4. I live in NY and you would love it. It's a fun place. Ironically, I want to live in CA, if even for a few years ;)

  5. Just stumbled across your blog, and I love it already!

    I live in Upstate NY, about 3 hours away from the city. So excited that another blogger will be on the East coast soon.

    Too many bloggers on the West coast!

    1. So true Alissa! :) I'm an hour North from NYC <3 Nice to meet you :)

  6. I think we'd make great friends.


    Because..1. "I am a huge advocate for welcoming change and chasing the unknown."

    And because 2. You're moving to my city (I live an hour outside NYC) :) And we could someday, somehow just bump into each other ;)

  7. we are twinners! I am also the product of a hot brazilian mamma & an american dad from Long Beach, CA. I grew up in SD and have since moved to Utah. Let's be friends!

  8. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it already! That's so exciting that you moved to New York! I moved to "the city" aka Toronto, Ontario about a year ago and I still haven't got out and enjoyed it enough. I can't wait to read more about your journey :)
    Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees

  9. I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! Looking forward to following along!

  10. Found from this week's blog brunch...LOVE this! Look forward to reading more!

    It's on my bucket list to live in NYC, but that got derailed when my hubs and I eloped and lived in Europe for a couple years (not a bad alternative fo sho!)

    Keep it up!!


  11. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and to be honest, I'm glad I did. I've only read your about me section and I can tell I'm going to love the rest of your blog!

    Feel free to check mine out and maybe even stay awhile

    and I'm also on twitter @mtasha1

    I look forward to reading about your exciting move to NYC!!!

  12. Wow! You certainly have some serious personality. Interesting. Keep up the great work...

    Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

  13. stopped over because I heard Dana redid the blog, love the outcome!! and also loving your posts <3

    -your newest follower!
    kelly elizabeth

  14. Hi - Just found your blog! Loving the look & feel of it already :)

  15. Love the blog and following your journey... I'm making a big move from east coast to San Francisco and your stories all inspire me tons. Thanks for sharing!

    - tianna :)

  16. It's always nice to "meet" other Brazilian or Brazilian-related bloggers! How fun that you get to live in NY. I moved to SF and have been here ever since.

  17. Love it! Very nice to meet you, Jen! I read the whole About me page on one breath and I was thinking along the way "This lady is so enthusiastic and adventurous - just like us! We should be friends!" We just moved across the ocean, too. Now we reside in the Rockies and in our plans/daydreaming we're moving to NYC in a couple of years when we get tired of bears and glaciers (does it ever happen??). Well, I'm glad I found your blog, lets be friends :-)
    Katie (and Ben - but he is sleeping right now))

  18. HOT ! HOT ! HOT !


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