k. so i'm alive. and also LIVE at #blogher12

in the breath-taking and amazing New York City! And guess what. I'm staying! Yup. I found a job and housing and errthing.

And my choice of grammer slash lack of abilities to keep up with the blog posts lately, is probably why I have come to this monster of a conference without business cards to hand out. In fact, even having a little conference pass with my name + 'Punky and the City' clearly situated below it, makes me feel a little embarrassed/a lot of silly for some reason. What can I say? These big money-making blogs all around me are intimidating. And I'm secretly (now not so secretly) scared for these big kids to click onto my blog and think "hmm. cute blog, Punky." key word: cute.

I am an amateaur blogger. It's true.

....thus why I am here. To learn. To grow. To make some new friends. To define what it is exactly "I blog about."

And really, to score some free swag.

Mostly when I say that, I mean food. And alcohol. 

However, there is one particular thing I especially have my heart on...a contest--to get a make over/billboard in times square of my face and blog link. Cause you know. That would just be the ultimate cocktail of a little bit embarrassing/a lot of silly. So let's do it, huh. Go big or go home. Heh, who needs business cards, when you've got a billboard in times square---- you know what I'm saying.

But i need your help to make this epic-ness happen. 

so if you love me, which obviously you do (cause you're reading my blog right now), just simply take another moment in time following this one and tweet the following:

' I vote @punkyandthecity for #WalgreensBrand Times Square Billboard Contest. #Blogher12 '

and tell all yo friends!! The contest ends TONIGHT AUGUST 3rd (so vote asap plz), and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

Ha! Could you imagine if I won. I would laugh for days. AND BUY YOU ALL CANDY.

I promise there's going to be a post(s) to get the interested caught up on things, it's been one hell of a week so far. Lots of stories to tell, and I really can't wait to share all of it with you! +get the new design up finally+ get myself into a real groove with this blog and serve it's title. 

Cause it looks like I'm officially starting my life as a city girl.

And I don't think I've ever felt quite this happy before.


  1. Ummm..I am voting. All day. Everyday. Can I be on the billboard with you. As your sidekick? Only half kidding.

  2. Congrats! What an exciting time for you! Good luck on the billboard...that would be awesome. :)

  3. woooo!!!! i'm so glad you're staying!!! i mean, i totally understood when you weren't, cause being in the big city without monies seems terrifying, but i'm totally over the moon for you that you figured it all out. this is gonna be awesome.

    also awesome would be if your face is on that billboard. i hope you win!

  4. OHMYGOSH! You are staying?!!!? TELL ALL!!!! So happy for you.

  5. You found a job? That is so amazing! Yay for you getting to stay in the city you love!!!

  6. Your dreams are coming true!!! awesome! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  7. congrats! glad to hear you're happy xx

  8. AWESOME! Go Punky! Dang you get a lot done in a week! I hope you win!

    xo Kayla

  9. Congratulations, dahling! And I tweeted it out to all my followers and asked them to tweet it, too. Huzzah!

  10. SO happy that you're getting on well and everything is working out for you :) I don't have twitter, but I'll tell my friends who do :)

  11. AHAHAHAHAH!!! That is so awesome! I am so proud of you punky! I want to cry a little bit. I can't wait for you to take me to meet Howard Stern in NEW freakin' YORK!!! I am texting you asap.

  12. Congratulations Punky!! I knew it would all work out for you, congratulations girl!! :) I totally, RTed for you, hope you win!


  13. I'm SO excited for you!!! See?! Things all work themselves out in the end :) P.S. I might have voted a lil late!! I hope you make it!!!

  14. That's awesome! Congrats on officially being a New Yorker!! Tweeted for you :)

  15. I really, really would have tweeted for you if I hadn't come to your blog two days after the contest closed. Why do I never know about things like billboard contests, free business cards, and submit your blog post for voice of the year-type shit? Some folks are more on those balls than I am.

    Good luck!! Hope you win.

    From: the Canadian who sat beside you at the hyphenated (Turlington-Burns/Compton-Rock) talk and learned that you'd just moved to NYC and gotten a place to live and a job in no time.

  16. Dang it...saw this too late otherwise I would've tweeted for you. Can't wait to hear about the exciting life changes and your new life in NYC. Please share about your new job, home, etc!! Hope you are loving city life already. :)

  17. Oh my word. I am thrilled to find you Punky! Your banter is hilarious and a great read. Glad I found you!

    xoxo, hm

  18. Glad you made it to New York and things are working out! I am jealous and wil vicariously be living through your blog post. Can't wait for an update! I would love for you to come and visit me in my little section of this blog world!

  19. Punky, I had to stop myself from pointing at you and saying "Hey! Sorry, but I just saw someone I really like!"

    If only we could act just the way we wanted to in real life.

    It ws WONDERFUL to see you, you are beautiful, and it's so exciting to see you be BIG enough to take this life on.

    Thank you for coming to the session and thank you for living life open eyed and open armed.

    I love this, and YOU inspire me.

    Your blog is becoming a force, what this year brings into your life will be amazing, I sense it.


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