ny update: I'm getting on a one-way flight in three days.

Hey friends.

I wanted to stop by for a quick little update on all that's been happening the past week or so. I feel awful because I've really put this blog on the back burner this month as I've tried to get everything in order for this trip/move. Also in the process, I've had some serious writer's block. It's a total bummer, especially since I do feel so much inspiration to sit down and write. But then when I do, my thoughts are just all over the place, and I've found myself struggling to get the words to come out in a tasteful fashion. Even now, I'm feeling not myself in the way these words are hitting my screen! So bare with me as I try to set the forecast here.

A couple things to begin with: 1. I got my photos from the shoot I did with Anna, and they came out so so good! It's been a loooong time since I've had any professional pictures/headshots done, so it's great to finally have a fresh batch! I've already shared many of them on personal Facebook page, and will probably pick a few to put on my blog page. Feel free to check them out. And Anna as well. She's an incredible photographer, and also, a dear friend of mine. Next step: send these bad boys on over to Dana, so I can get the new blog design up and running.. yesss.

2. I have been chosen as BLOGGER OF THE WEEK on Gentri Lee's blog !! Ah, this is so exciting/bananas. Not just cause Gentri Lee is awesome, but because, I have most def been one of those hopeful bloggers who have clicked onto Gentri's blog often and thought to myself, "Dang, I wanna be a BOW." If you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago Gentri e-mailed me and said, "Hey wanna be my next BOW?" I thought maybe she e-mailed the wrong girl or something. This is a HUGE honor! I feel so happy and flattered. Check out the post if you'd like, and please find a way to shake hands with Gentri if you haven't already. She's one of my bestest blog friends and I promise you, you'll love her. And her blog!

As for the move... well. It is complicated to say the least. If you read my last update, then you know that I've basically decided it's my best hand to return to California post Blogher and start saving for the move in a more appropriate and serious way. I still believe this is probably the best route, and will be more than ok to execute this plan if my mind continues to have a say in it. However, as of right now, I still have no return flight purchased, and I am currently in the process of applying to several jobs out there. Surprisingly enough, since I've announced postponing my move, I've had a lot of people reach out and offer housing/potential job leads, which has really been a fantastic package of miracles. So, my attitude now is: try and make it work. At least try. Or as my Dad put it, "test out the water." If the timing is right, it'll work out (however difficult that will still be). And if the timing isn't right, oh well. Then I come back home knowing exactly what I need to do and how much I need to come out with to make it work the second time around. Either way, I win. But, still, it is all scary and nerve-racking and I have been just a mess of emotions as each day has been approaching. Some days have been filled with happiness and excitement, and others... stress and emotional break downs.

I have no clue what the next three weeks/months are going to look like, and it's a little terrifying. Being unemployed with no savings... is terrifying. Being unemployed with no savings in a big city thousands of miles away from my family and friends... is terrifying. But you know what? This is an adventure. Like a REAL one. And it's starting now. Ha ha... let the games begin.

I want to say thank you again, for the tremendous amount of love and support I have received from all of you-this blogging community has been a God send every morning. There's so many of you who I miss and am excited to have as new readers and I want to apologize for being a lame blogger this month. I'm going to do my best to keep up with everything that is going on. Whether it be here or on Twitter.... feel free to follow and know that I'm not intentionally ignoring any of you who are commenting or sending me e-mails--I promise I will eventually get back to all of you! I'm just trying to get outside of my head and enjoy this journey at the moment. Along with survive it.

Lots of love.


  1. Stumbled across your blog through Gentri's site and I am happy to be a new follower! You are so brave for picking up and moving to NYC and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Cheers!

  2. Congrats on BOW! That's so awesome! Very happy for you :)
    Your life is so exciting! Cannot believe soon everything is. Will be thinking of you! And do what you need to do girl, your blog will always be here. I've been a part time blogger this whole summer, and it's good to take a step back sometimes. Good luck !!

  3. I love your guest post on Gentri's site! Your blog is so cute and I am so excited to continue to read about your new adventure and move! I would love for you to come and visit my blog and I look forward to reading more of your fun post!!!

  4. Found your blog through Gentri's site, and am following now too! Can't wait to see what your journey brings. I'm also in my early 20's and at the beginning of this year moved to a new city where I only knew my boyfriend... and we have very low paying jobs right now, so we're only just getting by... So I know how scary it is! And I've visited NY twice and LOVE I'm super excited for you! Good luck :)

  5. yay for BOW! and a one way flight? that is the most exciting.

    i took a one way drive last year. and ended up in portland.

    so many good things to come :)

  6. I have been lurking for a few weeks now and I just want to wish you tons of luck. I really, really want to move myself right now, but my life is so complicated (tons of stuff, multiple properties, bad financial problems) that I'm not really sure how it will be possible unless I move mountains. But hey, that's what makes it worthwhile, right? Oh, to be young(er) again and have the ability to just pick up and go ...

  7. I am so excited for you, Jen. Seriously. I know you can do whatever you put your mind to. Things will work out. Whether it's just being in NY for a couple of weeks and calling it quits, or making a whole new life there. It will be an adventure. :)

  8. i love your attitude and i think this is a really good plan. i love that your options are so open and it's great that you have had so many loving people offer you help until you get on your feet. i really think this could be a great thing and if not, then like you said, you know what to do! enjoy your conference, enjoy all the adventure and try not to stress out. whats the worst that could happen? life is so very short and you are doing something so many people dream of but never do so enjoy every moment. x

  9. good luck little lady!
    you are going to goooo places~

    xo the egg out west.

  10. Oh my I can NOT wait to read about your adventure in the NYC. It's like you're living my dream. Haha... broke and living in a big city far from family. Major Kudos. Can't wait can't wait! Safe flight!

    1. Gosh durn it. I wrote this big, long supportive comment. And then I accidentally deleted it with ONE wrong push.

      I'll have you know I swore a lot. It felt good.

      The sum of my thoughts was this: Get out there and do big things. You were made for it, I know it. The best that happens is you soar on this one. The worst that happens is it doesn't work out and you come home to a loving family + friends and say "I tried". Scary, but ultimately you've got a safety net back home, and a lot of people who are rooting for you.

      Go girl. Go conquer the city.

      (Still swearing about deleted, "inspiring" comment.) ;)

  11. OH damn. And now I "replied" to someone's comment. WTF is my problem. Soooorrry, Jen.

    I suck at life today.

  12. THIS MAKES ME SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're truly going to do such big things, and you're going to grab New York by the horns without a doubt. Can't wait to see and hear about all the adventures you're about to have - and just think of all the incredible writing material you're racking up!!! I'm so excited to watch you become a famous novelist (or columnist, *cough Carrie Bradshaw*) - it's an absolute joy to know someone so brave, exciting, and just downright awesome.

    Love you punky!!!!!!!!


  13. This is so exciting!! I was actually thinking of doing the same thing. I'm unemployed also and think that maybe If I just go out there I'll find a job. Well keep us updated! I'll let you take the lead and if it works out, hey maybe I'll follow you out there.

    Best of luck! You deserve it

  14. Aww- I'm so proud of your for following your heart though Jen! It's tough, but either way those tough times always end up being wonderful lessons! With your drive, anything is possible! I'm so glad you have so much support around you, that is really priceless.

    Good luck with all of your interviews/job possibilities! WOO! I'm over in Texas cheering for you!

    xo Kayla

  15. Cute pic, congrats on blogger of the week and following your dreams! Totally wishing you the best of luck<3

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

  16. Glad to hear your doing well! That's awesome that you're getting offers for housing/leads on jobs already. My thoughts are with you still, lovely girl. Hope everything goes well while you're out there in NYC!

    P.S. I nominated you for a blogger award. It's up on my site if you want to check it out.
    Hope you're having a great week!

  17. You are so hardcore!!
    And I really hope that things work out with the NY thing!! You deserve it, girl!

  18. Good luck for everything in NYC!! It sounds amazing!
    I have just found your blog and its really lovely, hope all goes well and i look forward to seeing more posts soon!!

  19. you CAN do it! don't let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams. you're a smart lady and maybe you should save a little more before the big move, BUT if it is fear holding you back.... JUST DO IT. my husband and i were just talking about how we were both unemployed with $700 in savings and moved to va for my master's. yeshhhh. crazy. but you know what? we have wanted for nothing! the Lord provided jay with a job right away and odd jobs for me to make up the difference and we live well. best wishes to you!! xo

  20. Congrats on blogger of the week!

    What a cute blog! Just found you from July's hop. Still going down the list looking for some good reads.

    Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can! Also hosting Mom's Monday Mingle tonight and tomorrow. Love to have you link up! Last week we had close to 250 blogs. Hope to see you there!It's ok if you are not a mom yet ;)

  21. I'm late, but YAY!!! So excited for you :) Can't wait to see where life takes you!

  22. Looking forward to reading about your great big adventure in the city. I came across your blog via Gentri Lee & then mentioned you in my blog all because of your name Punky and the city. Which led me to write about my child hood and all that was Pubky Brewster. Good luck with your lif ein the city!! I'm a little jealous! Ok maybe more than a little. :)

  23. I've been going through these posts about postponing your move and I totally admire your honesty. I feel like we have similar personalities and I'm definitely going to follow along on your journey. I also had a big move a few years ago, across the country, and it's definitely been hard -- but completely worth it. Good luck in your future!


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