she works, she works.

Oh man.

You guys have given me some gooood stuff to listen to. Thank you!

I'm gunna put a playlist together of all your recommendations and post it. We're gunna call it punky's train jams. And itunes is gunna beg for it.

I've gotten so many wonderful e-mails/comments/tweets from all of you and it's not fair how my time and energy is so very limited. I want to write back to each and every one of you and tell you how much I love/miss/appreciate you. I cannot say this kind of stuff enough. Which is why I bring it up in like. every. single. post. As always, please bear with me as I work through my inbox! I am so so behind :(

As many of you might be imagining that I'm having a wild feast of adventures thus far, I want to be the first to tell you: quite the contrary. I mean, yeah, OK. I did almost get kidnapped and raped in East Orange, New Jersey. (this is for real.) (and really not something to be stated so lightly.) (still I will add in a "ha")( ha. ) (cause it's over now.) (but at the time it was scurry.) (dad was not proud of my lack of street smarts.) (neither was mum.) And yes, I have been moving around like a gypsy monster while showing unemployment who's the boss. BUT because I came out here on so very little, it's been mostly all work and no play as I've been frantically trying to get my ducks in order. And no, it hasn't been super sexy and glamorous. It's been a lot of hard work. Truthfully, I'm exhausted. Just this week alone, I am working 80 hours between my two jobs. 80 hours!! And it's not so bad, since my social life is, ya know, non existent and all, but it is exhausting, and it does take away from the opportunity to go out and make some new friends, or go out with the many long lost loves I have do in fact have floating around.

I'm def starting to get a little bit cranky. And have been purchasing a lot of candy as a result of this. Mostly Mike and Ikes, if you must know.  

But, this is allll a part of the deal. I'm paying my dues.

Around here, it's necessary.

And yup. Once this getting-settled-and-financially-legit jig is up, IT IS ON.

You can bet all your dollars this girl is going to find a good partner in crime (or five) and rage this town.

Not really.

But kind of.

At the very least, I could go for a walk in the park. Maybe with an ice cream cone. STAT.

In other news, dudes who have girlfriends are especially lame. Can I get an amen?

(I think I picked the wrong city to be single in. Everyone here is taken. wtf. )


  1. Alright, alright. I'll move back to New York. ;)

  2. ah. sounds like you had a scary moment! a bit ironic that it was in Jersey and not in the big bad apple? but I LOVE your attitude. rock on.

    p.s. I have a very cute single boy friend in new york. how do you feel about blind dates? :)

  3. Mmmm Mike and Ikes. Keep up the good work!! It will all be worth it, I'm sure.

  4. Ugh - 80 hour work weeks are the worst! Keep your head up & when you have something less ridiculous like - oh I don't know - a 50 or 60 hour work week, it'll all seem so much easier.

    & hey - give yourself a break. Go get that ice cream cone :)

  5. Please don't ever ever get lost in East Orange or South Orange...West Orange is okay. Work it girl...literally! Soon you will be living it up and flourishing in all that hard work you are putting in. Dues getting paid...but I agree with ^ Kim..."go get that ice cream cone"!!!

  6. I think you are pretty glamorous! Don't be so hard on yourself either, right? I agree with Kim, go get an ice cream cone, have a long walk in the park! Enjoy the weather before it's too cold!!

    p.s. Mike and Ikes are delicious, it's a fruit right? ;) hehe

    Lurve you Punky! Take over that city one day at a time! xo

  7. Oh Punky, so glad to see you back here and totally living up to your dream! I mean I guess 80 hours a week isn't your dream but you're getting there my friend! There's got to be single guys in NY, they'll find you eventually ;)

  8. can't wait to see what's on your trainjams.

    BE PATIENT, mama.

    You will meet someone. Nothing wrong with being picky.

  9. Oh, you make me laugh! You will run across a handsome young gent soon enough. Until then enjoy being single. You inspire me on that front. Can't wait for the playlist!

  10. HANG IN THERE! Sending awesome vibes to nyc

  11. i've got a lot of single friends back in ohio :D most of my friends are single, we're the outcasts in my area. enjoy being single - there are men out there for sure

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  12. 80 hours?! that's out of control. I'm super proud of how hard you're working though! it's all gonna pay off.

    especially when I come to the citayyy and we play :)

  13. also, can't wait for Punky's Train Jams playlist.

  14. It sounds like things are moving and grooving for you, even if it's all work, and little play... you're on the path to living your dream!

  15. Can't wait to see that playlist! Wow sounds like you're working incredibly hard, you definitely deserve some fun soon :)

  16. "when the thing that brings you peace turns on you"...pretty damn brave

  17. Well I do believe that your hardwork will be paid soon...just believe positively in you fate & you are there on the right way...wish you all the best!!!


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