Friday's Letters.

Dear Readers: A couple of things.

1. I love you

2. Thanks for your patience as I'm re-working a new blog design. I decided the last look was a bit too middle school-ish looking. Ha. It was time for a makeover. What do you guys think? 

3. I'm excited to share with you that I am looking into branding Punky and the City! I know I've only been here for like five minutes, literally. Like five minutes.... but I really am trying to sell myself as a writer and this blog has already opened so many doors for me in such a short amount of time. It's nuts. Needless to say, it's going to be a bit harsh on the pockets, and it will definitely mean another redesign in the near future.. but it will be the real deal and well worth it. I'll be surrendering my amateur designing ways and having a real web/ graphic designer come in and take over. I can't wait for it! Super excited for where this little baby blog will take me in my writing career. As always, I have to say thank you to you, my readers! You are few, but your feedback is intelligent and wise and more intuitive than I could ever have hoped. Thanks for clicking onto my blog. For commenting. For writing to me. For sharing my writing with others. For being a friend. For pushing me and inspiring me to keep writing. And lastly, for humbling me as a human being! Cause honestly, you all blow me away with your own blogs, your own stories, and your own words. It is such a RAD blessing to be sitting next to you all in this little land of BLOG. 

4. Lastly, film club is on hold. Sorry dudes, but not only is my mac's dvd player not working at the moment, but I'm getting real close to the big move and I've got all kinds of craziness going on as I prepare for it. I will hope to re-ignite our AFI extravaganza after I'm in the city!!

Dear LA: You always show me a good time, don't you. Last night I met up with a handful of darling ladies at the awesome Harvard and Stone. Gosh, I love that bar. Hot bartenders, live music, rustic decor, and a fire place! My kind of atmosphere. From the left is Alisia, Chloe, and me--- my friends are sassy!

Here's me and one of the best gals I know, Ms. Sarah Jaye. This lady makes me smile through and through. She's the first friend I made when I moved to LA at 19 and knew virtually no one except my sister. We've remained friends ever since and she's literally seen me progress from one chapter in my life to the next. And the next. And now the next again. So thankful to have her in my life! Sarah, if you're reading this: you is the bomb, mama. Love you!

Dear NYC: See you in two months. TWO MONTHS! I can't even believe how close you are. I am shaking. Half fear/half complete utter joy and excitement.

Dear Self: Maybe don't ever mention that you are feeling "a little hung over" anywhere near the boss again. That doesn't amuse him. 

Dear Jack in the Box: We had a a little dance last night, huh. Haha. My sister came bursting into my room this morning as she normally does, and asked, "How was last night?! Did you have fun??" Then she looked over at my desk and said, "Oh you got Jack and the box.....ahaha, it was one of those nights, huh." Yup. Keepin' it real since '87. That's just what I do.

Dear Danny: We met last night at the bar. I was groovin' to the band and then you started talking to me. You said, "They kind of sound like the Smashing Pumpkins, right?" And then I said, "Is there more than one band called the Smashing Pumpkins?" (Because the Smashing Pumpkins I know, sounded nothing like the band that was playing at the bar last night.) You looked at me confused, and I decided to cut you a break and said, "Yeah! A little bit!" We exchanged some more words, including the fact that I'm an aspiring playwright and that you write films, to which I said to you, "No way!" in a dead serious manner. But maybe you do write movies, what do I know? Why am I being such a jack ass? Then you said to me, "You look really cute tonight, by the way." And I said, "thanks!" even though inevitably I was thinking in my head, What other night do you have to compare with? We just met tonight, hombre. And also, I'm concerned for the dialogue in your film scripts. Is this how your guy gets the girl? Yikes. But I was as sweet and cordial to you as this girl could be, even though I did say BRB and then snuck out of the bar without ever saying goodbye to ya..... whoops. Sorry bout that. I just don't do well with those moments when guys in bars who don't charm me start asking me questions that involve numbers and itineraries for the remainder of the evening, which I could feel approaching as our conversation politely advanced. Could I have been wrong? Yes. Did I want to take any chances? No. 

I'm a tough crowd. Especially when it comes to men in bars. What can I say?

Dear Bed: You sound good. How about it!

Night night my friends.



  1. It's standard that I'm hungover every Friday. No one asks questions, it's just how it is ;)

    TWO MONTHS? How exciting...

  2. What a great post! TWO months! Time is flying by, I'm so excited for you to finally be where you want to be! You're letters make me laugh, thanks!

    Hope you have a great weekend :)
    xo Kayla

  3. I love your letter to Danny! I was cracking up over the two Smashing Pumpkins question! haha ;) Congratulations on branding yourself AND two months until NYC!! I can't wait to live vicariously through you and your blog!

  4. "Is there more than one band called the Smashing Pumpkins?" HAHAHA! I love your letters. You are one sweet, funny lady! Happy Friday dear. :)

  5. Danny sounds like a charmer, he could be your future husband. I think you need to return to that bar every night till you find him. True love.

  6. Congratulations on decideing to brand yourself. Congratulations as well on successfully evading Danny at the bar. He doesn't quite sound like a keeper.

    Happy Friday!

  7. Omigosh love Friday's Letters... the part about Danny? HILARIOUS. You're so awesome lady. Happy long weekend to youuu!

  8. I am so jealous of your trip to NYC! I haven't been in so long and I miss it so much!

  9. I love your letters haha especially the one to Mr. Danny! I wish I was like you when I get hit on. I am incredibly awkward and don't know what to do. I have a boyfriend which makes it even worse because the moment they step up to me I realize this is only going to end in is. terrible. teach me your ways! :) I am SO stoked for your NYC adventure!!!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  10. now why couldn't have I still been in LA when you were there?!! ughhhhhh! loving the new clean blog look! loved your letters this week, thanks for linking up with me!


  11. your letter to Danny made me laugh out loud! love your writing style!


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