P's Ps: 7 Instagrammers U Should Totes Follow !

Hello hello! AND WELCOME! To a) a new monthly series called Punky's Picks and b) my eager attempt at holding my very first link-up party. It wasn't suppose to come until Monday for my AFI Film Club, but I was feeling extra eager/inspired today and so, here we are folks.

I wanna share with you my favorite Instagrammers and encourage you to follow them! And furthermore, execute your own post in which you feature YOUR seven favs as well. Then of course link up and hooray we all have a collection of new artistic buddies. Does it get anymore awesome and fun than this??? I THINK NOT!

Ok so, here goes.

1. Gabriel of The Artful Desperado // @artfuldesperado

Um, whoah. I wanna get inside Gabriel's head and see where all his incredible inspiration comes from and also, where he stores all his dope photo skills. And guess what! I might just be able to. And so can you, if interested. Not only does this chap provide some solid photos to the instagram feed, but he's starting a question and answers series on his blog where he will be answering questions in regards to art, design, promoting, and being awesome. He should especially know about that last one, because, well, he is :)

2. Chelsea of Lovely Indeed // @chelsea_costa

Chelsea is nuts too. I have to be honest, half the time I DON'T BELIEVE HER instagram photos. Follow her. You'll see what I mean. Chelsea, are you for real? Your instie's are SO GOOD.

3. Meg of Meg in Progress // @meg_in_progress
What don't I love about Meg already? She has a lovely blog filled with lovely words about a very lovely family. And then she signs up for instagram and we get blessed even further with the undoubtable loveliness. Give this gal a follow, would ya?

4. Anna of Anna Joy Photo // @annajoyphoto
Anna is a personal friend of mine. We go back quite a ways, and though I haven't seen her in awhile, I see her work on a daily basis. And it is STUNNING. The lady's a professional photographer after all, so she knows exactly what she's doing. And with it, she knows exactly how to capture the right kind of beauty under the right kind of lighting with the right kind of quality to make you say, "ooo, that's a good one."

5. Alisia of Food, Fashion and Fun Finds // @alisialynn

Another personal gal pal of mine! Alisia rocks, and she no doubt has an incredible collection of instagram photos, much thanks to her creative eye and fancy photo skills. She's also a fairly new blogger, so I hope you'll not only follow her, but give her some bloggy love !!!

6. Rebekka of She Signed in Red Lipstick // @inredlipstick

Ha. Rebekka may hate me for choosing this photo. It is after all a very close up of her face. But my gosh, is this woman gorgeous or what! All of her instagram self portraits are just so darn pretty, I want to like all of them, without her thinking that I'm a total creeper. Ha-- maybe you should follow her and tell me you feel the same way so I don't feel like a creepy. Please and thanks.

7.  Me! // @punkyjsobel

That's right--number seven is YOU. Self-promotion, baby. BUT OF COURSE! Be sure to pick out an instagram photo that you are especially proud of ! (Obviously.)

Then I ask kindly that you include my Punky's Picks button at the bottom of your post, before returning to add your post link!
Punky and the City

Love you tons and tons for this! And no but really I do. I know that link up posts can sometimes be kind of time consuming to put together, but I'm leaving this link up open for an entire month! So you have plenty of timess to get it together! I hope you do! This is my first go, and if I don't get a single person who participates, I'm not only going to be bummed, but I'm probably also going to eat too many jelly beans and get a stomach ache. You love me, so you don't want that.
Yay for link ups and Instagram! Lets dance.


  1. Cool idea! Just started following you - I'm @elizastclair

  2. Such a fun link up!! You know I'm down. I can't wait to share my favsies!

  3. I love this fun idea Jen!!! thanks for the love, xoxo Alisia

  4. I'm still trying to figure this instagram stuff out. I know, I'm so behind the times! In my defense, I have an android phone, and instagram only recently opened up there. Love the pics though. And if i can ever figure this out, I'll totally be following along.

  5. awesome post, and that little snail is hust too cute :D

  6. @davidbowiesmoking on instagramMay 25, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    Check out our new feed for documentation of David Bowie smoking.  We hit 500 users in one month, and we're on the rise.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em.  @davidbowiesmoking


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