Thxgivin' in April + Some Announcements.

Well hello there April 2012, how you doin'? I'm so happy you're here. I've got a feeling you're gunna be a good month.

Things are really shapin' up around here in blogville. This is my fourth month in the diamond business and I'm so supremely stoked to welcome my first round of sponsoring partners. I gatta send out a YO what up to Gentri, Tammy, Sarah, Cecilia, Michelle, Ashley, Kate & Erin, and Melanie. Thank you so much loverbugs for the swaps and the patnering. You're really helpin' a sista out over here and I'm happy to be doin' the same for you in any way--- equal or greater. To errbody else, you gatta click onto these ladies' blogs and check them out. They all rock like crazy.

I also must must MUST send further shout outs & love to these incredible women: Alexandra, Sheri, Lisa A, Lisa, Meg, Leslie, & Jenni. Listen up, ladies. Your support means to me more than you know. Not only is it an honor to have your feedback and your attention, but it is an honor to be aware of your existence in this little world we share. You all inspire me so much. Not only as bloggers, but as women. As wives. And as mothers. Though I have clicked onto all of your blogs and have read bits and pieces about you and your lives, there is obviously still so much to learn about all of you, and I am excited to. I probably would have read all of your blogs forwards and backwards by now if I could... but alas, I find myself easily distracted by my own projects here, in addition to the many thousands of other wonderful blogs that seem to punch me in the face every gosh darn day. It's overwhelming, it really is. There is so much substance and goodness to wrap my arms and mind around in this wide blogosphere. How anyone can keep up, I don't know. But, just please know that you are special to me, and that whenever the day comes that Perez Hilton is giving me dirty looks for stealing his spotlight, you'll most certainly be my preferred posse. Hearts galore to ya.

This is going to be a good month. Not only do I intend to buy my one-way ticket to New York this month for June (um yeah. Can I get a what what slash a bunch of these: !!!!!!!!!!!)  but I've also got some really great ideas brewing in terms of this thing, Ze Blog. One of them, I've already executed. It's my AFI Film Club! Yes, I've decided to demand your participation in this particular episode of tackling my Mighty Life List. I think that this will really truly be a fun experience, especially for those who are the film buff types, or the ones who (like me) always think about taking a romantic stroll with the classics, but never do. Let's do this people. Be sure to click onto the link above to the club page for all the details. Cheers!



  1. I have never seen the Treasure of the Sierra Madre so this is a good start! M*A*S*H is so good! It was first a movie and then made into a TV show. Can't wait to watch it again though :)

  2. Don't you know how to be all wonderful in the morning? Thank you. Besos, m'ija. xo

  3. Girl you rock :) Happy to have met you through these little bloggy blogs. And thank you for the shout out. I look forward to continuing getting to know on another <3

  4. You are the bright spot in my Tuesday, Punky. I've always wanted to be part of the cool posse :) Can't wait to follow along with your film club. I bet I haven't seen many either.

  5. Hey girl! Thanks so much for the shout out! So happy and proud to be a part of your sidebar :) And a BIG congrats on New York. So. Frickin. Awesome. So excited for you, I can't wait to follow your adventure!

  6. Punky, thanks so much for the mention! You're a sweetie! And congratulations on your one-way ticket - that's amazing! June is just around the corner - you must be so excited :) Looking forward to this film club - always have wanted to be part of one :) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre sounds like a great one to start off with!

  7. You're so sweet dear! Thanks for the shout out <3



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