Sushi Dinners & Self-Primping.

A couple a days ago I decided to go nuts and spend $60-something dollars on a pedicure and gel manicure. This is a ritual that usually only takes place before vacations to Hawaii or Brazil or every two weeks back in the day when I was 19 years old serving cocktails and making more money than your mom with the nursing degree. Hey, what happened to those days, by the way? Wasn't my college degree suppose to at least match my income as that once upon a time ago martini girl straight outta high school? Oh yeah, that's right. I studied Theater. CRAP. Well, I went nuts anyhow and got all primped up, simply because I FELT LIKE IT. Somedays, the gym isn't enough of a pick me up, ok. I want to look down at my feet and smile because I see bright and pretty colors on my toes shouting "Hello!" So whatever, I threw some dollars around and had my feet scrubbed. And my arms massaged. And my nails treated. Why not?

Then, because I was feeling so loving towards myself, I about some Sushi for dinner? Actually, it went like this: I drove to LA and met my homegirl Alisia downtown and she said,  "Sushi?" and I said, "Uh, yeahhh." It was a very Lo/LC sort of moment (in my head). We went to this cute little joint and had hot sake and miso soup, and no edamame because it never made it to the table, but we forgave it, because all in all it was a very lovely time. Alisia and I had not hung out in quite awhile and it was nice to catch up. Not only is she a sweet, awesome, super fashionable gal, but she's a blogger too! How about that. It was so nice to have someone to talk to in person about this new obsession of mine without them looking at me like I need help and/or a life. I have a life, non-bloggers of the world. We all do. We blog to make documentation of it. HellooOo. And also to show off cool photos we take. And to participate in give aways. And to have a legit reason to have Twitter beyond the purposes of stalking celebrities. Well, I speak for myself on that last one, anyway.

Anywho, there was much talk of blogging. Certainly from me, in particular. I went on a roll, talking a mile a second about all the incredible stuff I've learned since I started this thing. Clearly, I need to hang out with other bloggers-badly, because all this excitement in me is becoming so repressed, with no safe environment free of judgement to be released. The second I felt the invitation to talk about it, I kind of exploded. Haha, sorry Alisia!

By the way. Here is the lovely lady herself. I hope you guys will all go check out her blog. She's pretty new to this whole thing much like me. Support for us rookies is much appreciated!!!
You can find her at Food, Fashion and Fun Finds. She's also on Twitter @alisia_e ! She's super nice and you'll love her as much as I do, no doubt.

In other news, tomorrow morning I will be purchasing my one-way plane ticket to New York. July 26th is the official day. Let the countdown begin.


  1. Great post Jen - just took a look at Alisia's too - thanks for sharing! And how exciting that you're coming to NY soon! Hope we get to meet face-to-face!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! I'm so jealous that you have a 'real', 'close' blogger friend. My friends just don't get it. LOL
    Congrats on the plane ticket purchase! So exciting!!!


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