my longest (& possibly dumbest) vlog to date.

A couple months ago some folks and I came together and said...

"You know what? LET'S VLOG."

So we did. And it was good. Real good.

So now we're back for more. And we sure hope that you'll join us. We're talking about BUCKET LISTS this time around. Mine is HUGE. I tried to narrow it down to a few and still, I broke the vlogging rules and went beyond four minutes. I went for eight. That's even after editing, gosh darnsies. Of course, the first min and thirty seconds is me rambling about nonsense that has nothing to do with bucket lists, but eh... it could serve as some good back-story in the future maybe. Also, my sister Shannon makes an appearance in this one! Nevermind how I sound like some stage mom asking her questions like she's four.

CHEERS. (this vlog is whack. If I had time to re-do it I probably would. Please don't hold my cheese against me.)

PS Can someone please give me advice on how to get rid of those AWFUL bags under my eyes? Good Lord. Why do I get those so badly? It's not cute. PSS Poor Kevin. Let's pray he never finds this or else it's done. Psh, Curling my hair?! For some dude at the gym. And then vlogging about it. Who am I......


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  1. Stumbled upon your blog via the vlog linkup. You're awesome, I can tell from one video. New follower, TOTALLY. Have a great dAY!

  2. Punky, I love your freckles! And I think the 'going to the airport & hopping a plane' idea is great. I might steal that. But not until after you do it. So you won't be butt-hurt.

  3. Buahaha, "Is this live?" "Yes." I also really WANT to go to Burning Man but I am definitely intimidated and it's also kind of expensive and then it's like...once you go you can't leave (I mean, you can) cause they want to build a community and all of that. Which just gave me a really fantastic idea that I have to mull over a bit because the details are kind of foggy...but stay tuned. Also, butt-hurt is the best expression ever.

    1. Haha I just edited out the "butt hurt" part along with some other parts for fear that my vlog was too long. Of course, the part I edited out is the part people are commenting on... ain't that some funny. @Katie... thanks for the freckle compliment and @Kate... see you at Burning Man maybe. Glad I'm not the only one confused/intrigued.

  4. HAHAHA! I love that you spent time talking about Kevin at the beginning of this. Nice tangent. I definitely would love to go to Brazil. Or anywhere in South America, really.
    I would come see a play of yours!

  5. Punky, this made my morning! Haha love the pause you put before "my friggin best!" that made me laugh out loud at work! I hope Kevin notices all the work you're putting into your gym outfits girl! And Italy is at the top of my Europe list too, I mean pizza?! Spaghetti?! Any kind of carb?! Get in my mouth. Anyways loved this!


  6. Ahhh Brazil, how amazing would that be?! And sundance film festival, heck yeah :) ps. I see you're moving to NYC in a week how exciting!

    xo Shane

  7. yay this is such a fun way to discover new blogs and to meet their authors! so glad to have found you :)

  8. hahahaha - I love your intro and the fact that you curled your hair for Kevin. So cute.

  9. Dude - with curls and an adorable face like that - Kevin is yours! Seriously. You need to go to Thailand. It's friggen' fantastic. And - heck yes to Italian men. If I wasn't married - I'd be in Italy eating' spaghetti - flirting with the local Italians. Hoping they are nothing like the situation.

    I loved the intro. I need to learn some editing skills.

  10. Hubby also wants to go to brazil for the world cup!

  11. Yo! We can write a book together, Ill edit yours, you edit mine.. Deal? Also sundance is where I got married! Obviously not during the film festival, but I can usually find someone that knows someone up here that can get tickets... I'll keep you posted. I've been to it before, but never inside :) Next up, your sister cracks me up! She doesnt look as Brazilian as you, but that's cool.... Ummm you're awesome. Mucho love!

  12. hahah i totally wanted to do the airplane thing when I saw Yes, Man. It's definitely on my bucket list, along with 248794983 other travel things. And I'm hoping to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, in hopes that I'll actually finish a novel. Even if it's not greatest quality. And if you ever get a play on stage, you need to tell me, so that I can go see it on Broadway. Also I love the curls! don't you wish you could just get out of bed with your hair already like that? I never do mine out of laziness *sigh*

  13. I love that you totally confessed your crush via Vlog. And don't even act like you don't look good all the time because you do! I'm jealous of your video editing skills and can't wait for you to get your but over here so that you can - 1: teach me your ways and 2: got on a road trip cross country :)

  14. happy birthday you!! I turn 25 next month :)
    thats cool about the brazil thing :) :)

  15. Ummm you are freakin hilarious! I just love you! I love the idea of the plane ticket to where ever! I want to do that now! :) Good luck with the boy at the gym!! I bet he is curling his hair everyday for you too! ;) haha and your sister is adorable! I love how she practically dashed out of the vlog when you told her it was live! :) are awesome! Happy Birthday!


  16. 1. I love that you totally name dropped the hot gym guy. Hilarious! I HOPE he finds it! haha!
    2. GAH! I'M. IN. UTAH!! Sundace= Utah! It shouldn't cost 1000! Seriously.
    3. Drink more water and get some more sleep. That should help with the baggy eyes... or it's hereditary... Do your parents have them?
    4. I just love you!!

  17. OH!
    5. I had always wondered why your favicon was the Brazilian flag. Now I know!

  18. Adorable! I hope Kevin sees just what a lovely lady you are! AND THEN ASKS YOU OUT!!! Go girl!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  19. i'm loving your blog so far! i've always wanted to live in new york and what you're doing sounds SO exciting! i wish i were as brave!

  20. hahahaaa you are so hilarious about the guy at the gym, i love it


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