so today I learned about 'no-reply comments'

That was fun.

I'll be sure to touch base with all of that in a sec, but FIRST: how about some non-related instie's, eh?

The last couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous here in Ventura. It's been hard to let the recent realities that have hit me win, when the reality is this: I'm already winning-- I live in a charming little beach town in Southern California where the weather is perfect and brilliant and currently doing wonderful things for my skin tone. Thanks, Cali sun! Also, thanks sister Michelle for being rich the way you are and having more clothes than you know what to do with, so you just give them to me. Like pictured top above. (the brand is WILDFOX for those who wonder, and the image is a heart surrounding the NYC skyline.. #perfectmuch) Hooray new top! (And Robeks. Yum.)

Secondly, I want to say thank you for all the incredible comments on yesterday's post. Woww, friends. I am still working my way through responding to each and every single one of them. I believe I'm about halfway all have given me a lot to think about/respond to, so it's taking a little bit longer. Also, in the process of doing so today, I stumbled upon this peculiar detail:

'no-reply comment' aka

um yeah.

Have you guys been conscious/aware/checking for this when replying to comments via e-mail?? Cause I most certainly have not.

It was only today that I even noticed that noreply-comment e-mail, looked it up and then realized CRAP, no way. I have been responding to handfuls of readers for MONTHS and THEY HAVEN'T BEEN RECEIVING A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE COMMENT REPLIES FROM ME! Ahh, what a total blog snob I must seem, you guys!!!

Granted, I DO NOT respond to every single comment on every single post, but I do try to comment back to as many as I can. Ha, It may take me like 2-12 days, but I DO reach back out. I DO click onto your blogs. And I DO appreciate every single person who takes the time to say "Hey", let alone read anything I've got to say here. It's important for you guys to know that, and gosh dang, I'm just so bummed that I've written novels to some of you and that it has gone undelivered!! That shit stinkssssss.

With that being said, I encourage ALL of you, right now to go double check that you have your e-mail attached to your blogger profile. Cause if you don't, that means you're missing out on responses that bloggers may be trying to get to you! This post will thoroughly direct you through making sure you're not a no-reply!

Also, I just want to reiterate that I will always respond to e-mails sent to me. Again, it may take a day or five to get back to you, but I promise you, I will! I've been very thrilled to receive a great number of e-mails as of lately in response to my How To Get Over A Breakup post, and I just feel so happy and flattered to have multiple people coming to me asking for comfort and advice. This is one of the things I am absolutely loving about this blogging business most and am excited to pay more attention to in the coming months. I want to help and encourage all of you in any way that I can. Just don't ask me for financial or budgeting advice, haha, because I will surely fail you there. But dating... (?) (?)....I'm all ears. Talk at me! I am beyond happy to offer up what I have learned in my many colorful life experiences. Of course, I still have MUCH to learn for a young lady, as you probably read in my last post, but basically I'm just sayin' that I'm here. And I'm social! So don't be shy--feel free to reach out--I want to be your friend too!

Final announcement: Some special homies and I are co-hosting another VLOG LINK UP. Do you remember when that happened the first time? Well, WE IS DOIN' IT AGAIN! This time we are talking about what's on our BUCKET LISTS. Should be killer. Check out Emily's post for all the details+some laughs. That Canadian lady is pretty funny, eh? I like her.

Ok and one final thank you, friends, for being the best. You all made yesterday and today 298374 times easier for me with your kind and supportive words. I'll be sure to get back to the rest of you in the next day or so :)


  1. Okay, people are taking your advice to heart, I was checking my stats this morning and noticed a few hits from your blog coming to my no-reply tutorial!

    Thanks for the link, I am glad to see others spreading the word! :)


  2. can i just say that i love the way you write!? cause i do. and that is all! :]

  3. Oh, the no-reply curse. It drives me nuts. The worst is when you forget to look, get a LONG email all written out and then discover that they will, in fact, never receive said email!

  4. LOL our twitter convo made us all aware of the horror right? I'm not going to lie, I was a litttttle disappointed I'd never heard from Punky, this amazing blogger I completely adore! I didn't hold it against you though, I clearly came back to comment time and time again because I meant every word of every comment I left! But I'm SO glad you helped me realize that it's not that all these wonderful bloggers were just not seeing my comments, it's just that Wordpress hates giving me their replies. Way to get in the way of my friendships Wordpress!

    Evani ;)

  5. I need advice on how to be more awesome? I think you're good at that. Teach me.

  6. AH! Had no idea. Who knows how many comments I've missed! TY :-)

  7. Hi Punky!! I know!!! I also noticed yesterday the no-reply comments! But it is not with every comment.... Amazing and so weird, I mean if you post a comment don't you want to get a reply... I for sure would. Anyway I decided that I will be your newest follower as off today, without all the no-reply shizzzle :)


Your comments make my day! I read each and every one of them and try to deliver a response to as many as I can! Unless there's a discussion going, I will usually reach back to you via e-mail. Thank you for your willingness to speak and share your thoughts :) You is dope.