Just In Case You Were Wondering Exactly How Weird I Am...

Here ya go. I'm feeling a little reminiscent of those college week day nights where I didn't feel like doing my Shakespeare reading, so instead I grabbed my room mate and demanded we make home bideos of us being ourselves, which needless to say=grade A weirdos. Eh, we're theater kids, after all. Feel free to unfollow me after this post. Or recommend me/my blog to any weirdos out there you might know. And when I say weirdos, I'm talking about the off beat awesome people of the world, not serial killers...thanks/love you. (I would hope you don't know any serial killers.)

PS. That's my college apartment we were playing in. Lots of memories in that little nook of mine. We called it the "Fungalow". It was our attempt to match the fun idea of having a college living situation that had a name... like all the guys in our drama department who lived together in a house and called it "The Dude Ranch". I was really hoping the Fungalow would catch on, and it would be the new fav. hang out spot for all the cool kids of UCI, but that didn't quite occur. Then Chris, my former room mate above (who I shared apt with) moved out and into The Dude Ranch.. ouch. Well, I don't blame him. They had a garage with a ping pong table in it and a driveway where you could park for free. All I had going at my place was shitty parking and a wall collage.

Hey now, it was a pretty sweet collage at least--- check it out.

And my old spacious room that I miss a lot lot now compared to my current room at the parent's place, where cleaning=stuffing things away in any space available which = none, which = a seemingly messy/ scattered room constantly.

I sure do miss you, Park West. You were a time in my life that now only exists as a memory. In many ways a sorta sour one, but in other ways, a very happy one. I lived a lot in that little college apartment of mine.


  1. Sing it girl!!!!!!!!!! I love your weirdness! =)

    1. Thanks Megan. I'm flattered.. you know since I kind of heart you and your blog and all.


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