Improv Bloggings.

Oh, hello. Don't mind me, I'm just practicing mug shots for my future Mug Shot Monday.

Haaa, have you guys heard of this site? I randomly clicked onto it the other day and a not only am I obsessed with it now, I'm obsessed with getting my own mug shot published.

Note to self: get a cooler mug, dude. School pride is pretty lame after you graduate college, unless you went to USC or Stanford or some shit like that.

Second note to self: Get a cool business that I own and operate to make that mugshot worth everyone's while.

Third note: Mugshot Monday= the new future ? Some of those shots have hot men with mustaches in them dot dot dot 

In other news. Happy Friday!

My posts have been few and far in between lately, and I can say much of that has to do with the fact that I'm trying to be a mother f-ing champ in life as I prepare for my move, and though there's been a little of that, there's mostly been a lot of sleeping in, watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother + a whole school of indie films on Netflix (I just saw Fish Tank the other night). Also, I've also been giving my blog design multiple personality disorder. Ha. So there's that too.

I wanted to do a clean up on aisle nine here and in the process made up a new banner which you probably saw before. Unfortunately, after staring at it long it enough, I did the opposite of convincing myself I liked it, so I changed it back to the old one. And now, I'm about to hand my blog over to the hands of an actual designer...TODAY. So give or take a month from now, my look around here will be official and legit. You can't wait. (and neither can I.) (really, neither can I.)

I decided to call this post "improv blogging" because it's a new thing I'm gunna try to do. See, usually I have all my posts pretty well thought out, unless it's a link up or something. Tho, I'm proud of the essays I've produced here, it takes a lot of work and definitely limits the amount of posts I publish on a weekly basis. I'm not really one to post weekend recaps or random ramblings, but I think it would be nice to just once a week or so, hit "new post" and just start typing.

Which is exactly what I've done here.

Hopefully I haven't just bored you to death.

Hey, are you guys participating in Blog Brunch tomorrow morning? Please say yes. I'd love to see your pretty faces there.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link. Or just show up on Twitter tomorrow morning under the hashtag Blog Brunch... at 10 am (pacific time). We'll be discussing Facebook!!!


By the way: I've been feeling really defeated and scared about my move lately. But I want you guys to know that your comments and e-mails have been so sweet and reassuring. Thanks for restoring courage in me. You guys are like my new best friends.


  1. Bahhaa I've never heard of Mugshot Monday, too clever!

    xo shane

  2. Hehehe, I'm cracking up over here checking out mugshot-monday...I need a mug to participate- I'm working with a ceramic cup over here what won't qualify! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    xo Kayla

  3. i found your blog a few weeks ago- and girl, you are great! i love it. keep it up and don't get discouraged, you've totally got what it takes- i have a feeling you'll just take off when you get to the city! my fave blogger is in new york city too, she's a talented writer and is just fun and

  4. I love your writing style! I feel like I just had a conversation with you :) New follower from Hollie's link-up!

  5. HAH love this. it's been fun to read your blog, you are definitely a very talented writer!

  6. Wait, what is blog brunch??

  7. i've been all over How I Met Your Mother lately too. it's such a good show! and if you want an indie kind of film, watch Jeff Who Lives at Home. so damn good! i sobbed actually. ha.

    andddd don't worry about regular posting. you're a busy girl! this kind of move is a Big Deal.

  8. I love the whole improv blogging- very fun!

  9. Stopping by from Hollie's ditty. And since I see you on Twitter I thought I would say a double hi!

  10. I want to be on Mugshot Monday too! Such a cool idea. I have the mugshot... now I just need to be more successful! haha

  11. I want to do this Mugshot Monday! It sounds wonderful! haha you crack me up lady and I love it! You're improv blogging is wonderful and I got caught laughing out loud to my computer like a crazy person in Starbucks....awkward. Oh well, I've had worse. haha Thanks for the good laugh and awesome picture!

  12. being a new blogger I love reading about current bloggers who are always wanting to improve. I really enjoy reading your blog :)

    <3 Nikki

  13. Hey Punky! I just love the Mugshot Monday idea! How do you find all these cool websites?! Also, your mugshot is hilarious...wide eye confusion/irritation is my go to photo pose as well ;)

    Hope you're having a great day!

  14. i love the mugshot monday! if i were the one in charge you would be published:)

  15. ummm.... i only improv blog. i can't focus long enough to edit and deliberately form sentence structures.

    makes for a lot of post-editing and grammar checks!

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