today i'm celebrating my favorite bloggers.

Ah, so I've got a fat list of things I've been meaning to write about, but since I'm a procrastinator through and through in EVERYTHING I DO, I'm putting off the list to participate in a link up today. And not just any ordinary link up... a pretty neat one, maybe you can join too... It looks like this one is open for a week. So how about it, eh?

After blogging for only a very short six months, I am smitten and amazed by the the people I have connected with. It's unreal... no pun intended (wink winksss). SERIOUSLY CRAY that after such a short amount of time, I wake up every morning feeling like I have a brand new circle of best friends, all of whom I've never met IRL. Best friends who are funny, clever, supportive, creative, inspirational, and as Alexandra Rosas might put it... just "fun-lovin'".

This post is an homage to them. To the human beings who keep me glued to my computer when I should probably be outside ice-blocking at the park. Then again, who needs Vitamin D when you've got friendships as golden as these....

I mean really.

My ultimate dream: that we'll ALL one day have a GIANT PICNIC.

With our laptops.

Just kidding.

No laptops. Just us and all our greatness. (+some vino & cheese)

But then later on our lap tops.
So we can blog about it all. #duh #youknow

This post is for a great few of my favorite bloggy friends.

Side note: There are so (SO) many bloggers in which I wanted to include in here. Seriously. I struggled to keep it at any sort of minimum, and still, I know that I fall short of mentioning so many. These are just the ladies (and one husband) who I have followed and kept up with on a daily basis since I first started this whole thing. Please, if I left you out... I'm sorry! I love you, and no doubt there will be a time and place SOMEWHERE where it is publicly expressed. This I promise!!

Let's get it started shall we....

(the link up asks)

Do you have any real life blog friends?

Ok before I even answer this one, I just have to say that when I first read this question (at 3 a.m.), I read it as "Do you have any real life friends?" to which I immediately thought, "I'm not sure about this link up... first question and they are already implying that I'm a loser with no friends? Hmm.. maybe they're just being cute and funny with this one? Or ballsy? Or honest? I mean..I have real life friends, sure. It just doesn't appear that way as of lately. I mean sisters count, right? All my real life friends live far away. I don't know about this question.. I don't think I like it. Wait a minute. Ohhh... it says do you have any real life BLOG friends. AHAHAH ! OK!!!"

The answer is yes. I have one BLOG friend in real life. Her name is Alisia and she is a darling. We worked together for a short time in Orange County at the fabulously fresh Seasons 52. Have you guys ever heard of that place? Pretty awesome. Sometimes miss it. Always miss the wonderful people I worked with, which included this young lady, who I'm so happy to have kept in touch with after we both split ways with said establishment. She just recently got married and moved to downtown LA, where I hope to meet her for some sushi again before I leave for the big apple. Word up, Alisia!

And by the way , I have 298374837 real life friends (in case you're wondering. and by 2983749837 I mean 581 friends on Facebook.) 
Which blogger are you just dying to meet?

becoming what i always was
Well, this one is a no brainer. Although, I would like to meet basically every single person in this post along with all my loyal and supportive readers (YOU), there is one gal in particular that I'm dreaming of someday having sleep overs and tea parties with. And that would be: Miki! But nevermind the sleep overs and the tea parties. More like bank heists and jail time. Homegirl said something about us being twins that were separated at birth in hell... I know, it sounds whack (I, for one, have no idea what the hell she's talking about)....but I think she's on to something! The pair of us would definitely get into a lot of trouble while snacking on mass amounts of candy and making every single person laugh along the way.

No, but really. This girl is really funny. And smart. And an old soul. And she has freckles and bangs. So duh I love her! Pretty crazy to think that six months ago I stumbled upon her blog via Twitter. And now we're getting married. It's official. She DMed me her phone numba last night. If you know her, you're probably thinking, "but Punky, she's already married." And you're right. She is. But I'm pretty sure she also lives in the state of Utah. Which probably means she's mormon. Even if she says she's not. And well, you know how the mormons do. (Ok. So technically she would have to be a dude, and her husband Jared would have to be a chick for that point to be valid. So that I would become wife numero dos. I know. I'm confusing. And not funny. Whatever.)

Which blogger's closet do you want to raid?

These three. Definitely. Not only do these ladies have stylezzz that are note-worthy, but they are just absolutely beautiful. Each of them have this sort of glow (yes on the internet.. and IRL, I'm certain) that I absolutely admire. To me, these women define what it means to be beautiful. Cause to me, beauty is CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY, and KINDNESS.

I love you Alex, Rebekka, and Gentri! I pray for the day when I may have the opportunity to meet you.

And steal, I mean, borrow all your clothes.

she signed in red lipstick
she is red
gentri lee

You are stuck on an island, which blogger would you want to help you survive?

Oh, these two. For sure.

meg in progress
the alison show

Meg's love for food would ensure that we don't starve to death, and Alison's DIY attitude would promise survival in the craftiest of ways. Also, they are both hilarious women and would help the time fly pretty quickly before Jack and Sawyer's plane came a-crashin'. 

And just so you're aware exactly how COOL these ladies are, you should watch this. Alison is pretty much my vlogging hero. And now she's about to become yours too.

The first blogger you remember meeting and connecting with?

lemons avocados and the bay

Six months ago I sent Tammy a request to be my friend. And not on Facebook. It was via e-mail. I found her+her blog through Twitter and just really connected to her easy-going personality and her Southern Californian lifestyle... I'm a socal baby myself so the connection there was easy. And I really wanted to be her friend!! So like a little kid on the playground I asked, "Can I be your friend?" She said yes :) & the rest is history. Since then, Tammy has not only been a sweet pal, but a wise mentor. She definitely has this blogging business down and has been a complete God send in any and all advice I've needed. Tammy, I love you. You're the bestest. Let's go see Book of Mormom and bring a box (or five) of fruit by the foot in with us. 

Any blogger that you admire and look up to?

Oh gosh. So very many. And as time goes on, this list continues to get more colorful and intense. For right now though, I think I will go with the ones I first started reading that inspired me to start my own blog.

nat the fat rat
First up: Nat. Surely you've heard of this brilliant being before. I can't say I've had much social media exchange with her, as she's what I like to call "a big kid" in this blogging world, but sometimes I feel like I know her the best out of everyone I follow. There's just something very magical about the way she lets her readers into her world while simultaneously allowing each and every one of us to feel valued and appreciated for being a part of it all. I wanna know how to do that. Not to mention the fact that she's so darn pretty and so is her writing. I really freaking hope for the day that I may run into her in NY. I might just beg her and Huck to let me tag along on their cookie quest or swing swingin' adventures. Natalie, if you should by the grace of goodness read this, I would like to plan an accidental run-in with you. That's all I want for Christmas really, thanks.

a blog about love

Then there's Danny & Mara. Oh, wow. These two. So ok. This is what happened. Before I even started my blog and before I even read any, I was trying to figure out what a blog even was. And once I got that part sort of figured out (barely), I started browsing the net for specific blogs to give me a better idea. At some point, I typed into my google search: a blog about love. And what do you know? Danny and Mara's blog titled, A Blog About Love popped up and then filled my screen. I read one post and then started from the very beginning and read EVERY SINGLE post that followed after it. These two have quite the story to tell, and boy do they tell it. With such beauty and such abandonment. My experiences do not compare, and I am probably nowhere near as wise as they are, but.. I do believe that my purpose in this blogging world is very similar to theirs, in that, I want to share the love. I want to encourage and inspire and offer up everything I've learned in my life so far. I want to make a difference in other's lives, however big or small that difference may be. Thank you Danny and Mara for inspiring me. For restoring my faith that true love does exist: that it doesn't always mean fireworks and a never-ending honeymoon: that it starts with self-love and prospers with RESPECT and finding someone who holds the same values as you. And that the practice of hard work and patience and compassion is necessary and indefinite in all the we do. Thank you for touching my heart in ways that obviously... I'll never be able to stop talking about!

donuts dresses and dirt

This lady, Sheri. Who has shown me the kind of support that has really made me feel special and loved and gifted in so many ways. Believing in yourself is important and it's really all you've got at the end of the day, but man it helps a lot to have a cheerleader or two every now and then. Well, Sheri is mine :) And that's without the fact, that I love her swagger-filled blog and also feel like she is the kind of woman, who I could hang out with, even if she's a little bit older than me... not by much tho :) 

As a blogger she inspires me because she really does give back and show love to everyone she encounters. I mean truly. You guys should all follow her on Twitter. You'll be amazed by HOW MUCH goodness she shares, and also you'll be amazed by the THE GOODNESS SHE SHARES. 

Sheri, you inspire me to keep at doing what I love. And to keep recognizing and sharing the work of others CONSTANTLY as I move along. Thank you for all of this. 

good day regular people
And then we have Alexandra. 

Who I stumbled upon about five months ago while I was doing some research about the great big Blogher conference. I happened upon a collection of THE VOICE OF THE YEAR videos... which is an incredible event that takes place at said conference, and in those videos, was Alexandra's piece. I shared it already on my blog before, but since I only had about five readers at that point in time, I must share the goodness with you again here today. I've watched this at least ten times. There are no words for how wonderful I think this woman is. And how blessed I am to call her a reader! She reads and she writes to me and she promises hugs this summer at Blogher 2012. And I'm just a happy girl for all of these facts. 

Who is the craziest or funniest blogger?

In no particular order:

greetings from texas

mish lovin' life

hope squared
There is a reality TV show for bloggers, who do you want to be cast with?

These two hooligans. We would have our own show called YES, WE THINK WE CAN DANCE or BAND OF BLOGGERS... where we basically make our own gangster music and then dance to it. 
It could work. I mean just check out these stills. These moves are SICK. (Tho not as good as Alison's if you watched the video above... Alison, will you be in our dance crew please?)

www dot COOL dot net
nobody puts sarah in the corner
Favorite blog design?

secondhand sundays

Again. There are so many. How do you choose? Or how do you not choose and include all of them... when you make choices like I do to incorporate photos of each blogger with their names labeled? So much fun, but I have to go to work. So I'm going to only share 1 blogger who I actually just met via Twitter recently. I really like her.. and I hope she likes me too. But what I really reallllly like, is her blog design. It's pretty bangin'. Good job, Bekuh/can't wait to "hang" wit you some more. 

There's also Bethany who basically fits into all these categories. You can read all about her here. (Love you Bethany... thinking of you and wishing you well in Kuwait always! #glamgang )

And that's it! Like I said. So many other amazing friends I'm made in all of this (especially in the last couple months... you know who you are!), not a single one that deserves to be missed or not mentioned, please know this and that I love you all!!!!!! And I hope you'll join this link up as I think it's a really good one :)

I don't even know or follow the hosts of it... isn't that terrible?? Or maybe great. Because now I shall know them! Thank you Britt and Jessica!


  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome post!! I'm still quite new to the blogging world, but i'm loving it! I loved that you asked Tammy to be your friend, I'm always unsure what's appropriate in the blog world and what's just a little weird. Hope you have a great friday!

  2. Ok there ya go brightening my day and making me all kinds of happy before I even leave the house. ;)
    Thank you


  3. this was such a great post! just bookmarked a ton more blogs for my reading pleasure:)

  4. I think I just found some new bloggies to read!!! :)

  5. I'm beYOND flattered to read what you wrote about me, and to be included in such an illustrious group of writers - not the least of whom is you! And hold firm to my title as "world's oldest blogger" - love you! xo

  6. Thanks for the shout out girlfriend! You're a gem. An honest to goodness gem.

  7. You're too sweet, thanks for the shout out. Now I need to go visit all of the lovely ladies you mentioned that I don't know.

  8. I found you through this link-up. You blog is too much fun!

  9. I almost did this link up but opted out - which I'm kind of glad that I did because you kinda blew it out of the water.
    nice job :)

  10. Holy wow, talk about lifting up this poor mama, who sits here amidst piles of laundry and trying to figure out what the heck to make for dinner.

    thank you thank you thank you, for being so very wonderful and so real in this world.


  11. OMGeeee, lady you are the best!! I can't stop smiling! Can we please make our reality show a... um, well a REALITY. Cuz that would be some entertaining shiz. A blogger reality show - may sound boring to some - but I think it would be pure gold. Our skills - dancing and otherwise - really need to be shared with the world.

    I'm so honored to be a part of this post. I just can't even express how happy I am to have met you - and I can't wait to meet you in person at Alt!! Your posts (and tweets and instagrams!) are such an inspiration to me. I am in awe of your amazing voice and honesty... so when I read your sweet comment on my TIATTY post, it basically made my whole week! I vote for more words on my blog too :) it's time to up my bloggin game. And I'm so grateful for your support - yep, that's goin in the journal :)

    In conclusion, thank you for keepin it real. You're really awesome and I love youuuu!

  12. Love, love, love Tammy and now I'm hooked on Danny and Mara's story. Thanks for letting me know about all these great blogs.

  13. this is the cutest. thanks for the awesome links!

  14. woah talk about mega-blog, this is awesome. thanks for sharing!

  15. I love Sheri as well. We've only been blogging friends for a short time. We 'met' through Blogstar and I have been following her blog ever since. What a great write-up and thanks for introducing me to so many new blogs.

  16. So you're celebrating fat lazy waste of life people. Who like yourself refused to get a real job?

    Blog about it.

    1. LOL. Thank you, Anon, for sharing your very kind and educated thoughts!

    2. Bahaha! Thanks Anon - I will blog about it!

  17. I love everyone's posts for this link-up, because I've seriously never heard of half of these bloggers, and now I want to be obsessed. With all of them. It never ceases to amaze me how many great people there are in the blogging community, when it seems like they are hard to find in real life. Thanks for sharing your friends and blog crushes!

  18. This was fabulous! So much new reading material for this summer! Thanks so much for including little ol' me. And now I REALLY can't wait to take you out to lunch! Alt 2013!


  19. so glad i stumbled onto your blog from this link up. love your sense of humor!

  20. girl, you are too cute! should we ever "bump into each other" ;) you're officially invited to tag along with us to where ever! trader joe's is where we're usually going. ;) xoxoxo!

  21. Hello. I am excited to formally meet you as well. One day, when you take my to Howard Stern's stuido in new york then we come back to Utah for days filled with tea, candy and puppies (maybe i'll have 2 by then) (probably not) (im really using lots of parenthesis today).

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