it's father's day.

And I'd like to suggest that my Dad is one of the coolest. (like all my sweaters) (but even cooler)

Not only did he steal MC Hammer's pants back in '91, but he rocked them like he meant it, fanny pack included and all.

In addition to being the best father that three little girls could ever ask for.

I mean he let us watch R rated movies before we turned 17 7. In fact, I think we were watching Jean Claude Van Damme in this photo. How awesome is that.

Unless not, in which case, judge all you want, but hey, I think my sisters and I all turned out alright. And besides, we learned a lot from those movies, ok. Like instead of learning about how to get a prince to kiss us awake (cause you know, that shit goes down in every day life), we learned how to escape a serial killer, which personally, I think is a much more logical and valuable lesson to be learned.

But there's more than street smarts (and bad ass movies) to thank Dad for. There's his unwavering support and his constant humor. His knowledge and wisdom that stretches for days upon end. His goofy voicemails. His pep talks. His warm hugs. His recycled jokes (that never get old). His positive outlook on everything. His adventurous nature. His overall unconditional love. + about a bajillion other things that I'll be sure to save for the real speech next month, when the man turns 70. For now tho,

A simple note: My Dad is pretty terrific.

Dad, you're pretty terrific. And I love ya. 

Happy Father's Day. 


  1. Your dad sounds like a pretty cool dude.

  2. that first picture - LOVE IT. Looks like a pretty awesome dad :)

  3. Oh my goodness that first photo just might be the greatest thing I've ever seen. I love it!

  4. You dad's pants... so great. Made better by the fanny pack. Fashion genius.

  5. this is super cute. your dad seems like a cool guy :)

  6. Such a beautiful family. And those pants... Oh my those pants. :)

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