Hey friends, just want to say thank you for the love this morning. As per many of your suggestions, I'm going to hit pause on the 'ol blog and social media world for a few days.

Although my post this very early morning was real, it also felt as though I was coming across as a nagging monster. So I deleted it. Because that's not what this is place if for. This place is for positivity, and showcasing my writing, and yes being real and letting you know that I'm not just some random girl who is super courageous and on top of everything all the time, but my intention is to do so tastefully and not in a 3am/whinny/I'm a tired-hot-mess as I type sort of way. If you guys are interested in reading all about how I'm not a perfect cookie, I welcome you to do so formally here. (<----if I had known there was going to be a "things I'm afraid to tell you" assembly at any point, I probably would have saved that specific post for it. ha. That was truly one of the most difficult things I have ever put out into the world for anyone to read. Difficult and ultimately freeing.)

Additionally, I've been getting more of the common questions about my move, which I was planning on personally responding to.. but I think these posts here and here say it all much better than my present self could.

Thank you all for being understanding as I work through this pre-move anxiety & search for pennies under the couch (that part of the movement still remains intact). I'll be brb soon: I promise.



  1. When I decided to make the jump back to California, I too was panicking. NYC was my identity, what I told people when they asked me what I did. So I was PANICKING when the days got closer. It's natural. It's a huge change. But, I had a friend look at me and bluntly say, nothing is permanent. If you decide to come back, YOU CAN! The fact is, you're making the jump, and you're trying it. You will land where you need to be, I have 100% faith in that. But i'm proud of your balls in making this move. Enjoy the scary and overwhelming part of it. That's what makes it so real.

  2. Good for you. It's good to take a break and get some space for awhile. Though you will be very missed!

  3. Enjoy the much needed break. I missed your post this morning - but it's great that you can recognize when you gotta do for you.

  4. have a wonderful break girly!! :) love your blog!! have a great thursday!

  5. Just found your blog. So exciting that you are moving to NYC- sometimes we just really need a change of pace/ atmosphere. And I feel you about your earlier post- I am the same way- I don't want to ever sounds whiney or complaining on my blog. I do think it's okay every once in a while though, I mean, hey we're all real people and that's okay too.

    new follower :)

  6. Good for you, I can't imagine all of the stress you've got going on, but I can relate with needing a break and taking a step back. It's very easy to want to vent on your blog, it feels good to get the frustration out in words, I have a little over at my blog, but I feel the same way- I want my blog to be a positive space. It takes more effort to find the light at the end of the tunnel or something like that ;)

    See ya soon xo

  7. Take that much needed break Punky! Good luck with all things associated with the move, just know we're all rooting for you! :)


  8. Just remember you're not alone. My lovely google reader preserved your last post. I really appreciated the genuine-ness of it and swear I could relate to your (even 3am) words. Take breaks girls and carry on! I'll still be here waiting...and I'm pretty sure the rest of the interwebs will be too :)

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