A Little Spring Cleaning + Financial Update.

My step-dad had a job interview in Fresno today, so him, moms and the baby bro were gone all weekend, leaving me and the sisters with the house to ourselves. They returned early this evening, and since Shanny and I threw a wild keg party both nights with costumes and glitter and strippers and firecrackers and a jolly jump and giant pinatas, there was quite the mess to clean up. I mean aside from the house almost burning down and the cops coming over to break up the party (three times, maybe four, before they finally gave up and said, "fuck it, they have jelly beans, and there's a serious dance party [DP] going on in that living room- let's kickkkk it"), there was a stolen VCR, a missing pack of juice boxes from the fridge and CHEESE EVERYWHERE. Along with starburst wrappers and puzzle pieces. Mysterious shoes/passed out persons in every corner. Kool-aid stains all over the carpet, beer cans to the ceiling, and a TWO DOLLAR BILL on my dresser that wasn't there before!!!! Don't even get me started on all the rearranged furniture and the writings on the wall. (They said things like "Punky is the shit!" and "So is Liza Manelli!") It was a CRAY-Z time, friends. You missed it.

Alas, here's what really happened. (Haha, I'm obnoxious. I know.)  Parents left for the weekend and Shanny and I drank some wine, watched The Voice, hung out with Michelly when she returned home from her LA/OC part-time living (due to job and acting), and had a few long-haired men with rad moustaches over to play music in our living room. Nothing that crazy at all. But still: there was a tub full of dishes that needed to be washed, a bathroom that needed a little clorox wipe love, and a living room that needed some tidying up. So I said, "Hey sister, lets do some cleaning and make this place look nice before Mama gets home." To my surprise, she said, "Ok." I love a cooperative sister, don't you.

And so there was some cleanin' in our Monday afternoon. And now there is some relaxin'. Just about ready to turn on the finale of THE BACH, but before I do: How about a financial update, ay?

After all, the reason I started this blog is to plan/track my moving to New York, so I think it's only right that I document the progress made.

If you refer back to the last post about saving and financials, I was in a starting debt of $3,158.

I'm proud to say my current debt has decreased to $1,601.

That's $1, 557 PAID OFF!

- Disneyland Pass is paid off and reactived
- Mom is paid off for all the financial help the past few months (thanks Mom!)
- And my Capitol One balance is back down to $0.


I mean obviously, I've got a ways to go still, but I'm well on my way! The job is paying me well (in dollars and in pie) and I'm on the hunt for a second part-time gig to help the savings process arrive quicker.

Meanwhile, I just got an unexpected message today from an old high school friend who is currently living in New York, working for an awesome-sounding company that is hiring. I have to do a little more research into it, but if all checks out, I might just apply and see if maybe I can get my butt on over to the city even sooner! Landing a job in advance-now that would be stellar.

Either way, life is good-- things are happening, money is going to the right places, dishes are getting washed, and tonight is the SEASON FINALE OF THE BACHELOR!!! Let the guilty pleasure begin.


  1. Whoo hoo to debt going down!! Keep on trucking....Hopefully you don't have the problem I have in that I get off my credit card...then sit for 8 hours at a desk job to which I'm FORCED to shop online and rack up the card again. It's a vicious cycle, really.

    1. Oh man, thank goodness online shopping hasn't taken me hostage as it has for so many others. Altho, I have been typing in the card number a lot lately for blog-related things. The good news is, I've been using my debit, not credit card. Yay! That's a good thing.

      Again, super stoked on this embarking on one another's blogs :)

  2. hahaha. I felt totally uncool when you were talking about your huge parties with friends and starburst and juiceboxes. Glad that you reeled that in!! ;)

    Congrats on getting the debt to go down!!! Always a fantastico feeling!! I also super love your shirt in those photos...

    Keep up the progress!!

    Xoxo, Sarah

    1. Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for the support! It's nice to have peeps poppin' in and cheering me on. Keeps me that much more motivated :)

      I wish there had been a wild party. Maybe minus the beer and strippers. But juiceboxes and starburts.... definitely.


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