When Parents Are Cute.

me and the pops, xmas 2010
My parents can be a bit much sometimes. And by a bit much, I mean difficult, sensitive, stubborn, outspoken, embarrassing and sometimes just not so pleasant to be around. But guess what, so can I. Being a good, loving and patient daughter is a work in progress-- as is parenting, I'm sure. And aside from those qualities described above, my parents really are the greatest parents I could ever hope for. They're as human as everyone else, and in those moments when they are not perfect, I still hug them and feel so grateful for them in my life. And vice versa. They work hard, they play hard, and they love unconditionally. And they're cute! And funny! Although they are no longer married to one another, they have been present and supportive to me my entire life. I am utterly blessed as a daughter. Really, I am. 

Infamous for his goofy sense of humor and his life sayings/preachings/motivational speeches & recycled jokes, here's my Dad with his latest Fbook comment. I can't help but to smile every time he leaves me these little gifts on my wall:

And Mama bear. Well, she likes to leave me notes all time. In my lunch boxes, in my suitcases, in my notebooks. Here's a note I found on my windshield when I got out of work the other night. I don't know what's more cute: the thought of leaving me a note on my car or the fact that her English grammer still needs a little help. Cutiest, mom? No, you're the cutiest! Ha.

Me, sissies, and mom during one of our World Cup parties a couple years ago.

What about you? What kinds of cute things do your parents do that just make your heart smile! Or if you're a parent, what kinds of things do you do for your kids in hopes of making them feel special?? SHARE SHARE SHARE!


  1. Ahhh this is beyond adorable! You are so lucky to have such supportive and sweet parents, but what I really love is that you are aware of that and truly appreciate them.

  2. Punky! What a great post and such beautiful pictures! I grew up mostly with my mom (after my parents divorced my Dad ended all contact for a very long time), but she tried so hard to take on both roles and really was quite amazing that way. I can't even imagine how much it must have taken out of her. Although our relationship isn't always the easiest, I know how much she cares and I don't even want to think about what it would be like not to have her in my life. She's always been the most caring and thoughtful mom I could have hoped for. She's got a passion for life and is really quite funny and cute. And although she's lived in Germany for nearly 40 years, (she's American), her version of the German language still gives us plenty of heartfelt laughs:)

    1. I think single parents are the world's greatest heros. As children there's so little we understand or really see for what they are--we're too busy swimming, eating popsicles, playing. All the while our parents are making ends meet, trying to stay positive, trying to be good parents, and filling every void possible in our little lives, so that we turn out ok. Sounds like your mama did a pretty good job and I respect your ability to appreciate that and applaud her, even though mother-daughter relationships are sometimes rough. Believe me, I know!

      I'm interested to hear about your German roots/connections. Sounds like you were born there, but how did your Mom come to Germany? Is your father German?

    2. Hey Punky ~ you are absolutely right! I have huge respect for all that parents do - it's not an easy job at all! Yes, my father is German. My parents met on a ship from Norway to Denmark, while my mom was traveling Europe. Romantic, right? ;-) I spent most of my life in Germany and moved to the US in 2005.

  3. I officially want to be invited over to a family dinner.


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