Who Needs a Boyfriend When You Have A Blog.

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I gatta say-checking my phone every fifteen minutes for new e-mails/blog comments feels no different than checking my phone every fifteen minutes for text messages from dudes. If anything, it feels better. Cause if I don't have any new blog comments, I shrug my shoulders and go on about my day. But if I do.. then yay! (It's almost a whole lot of silly how much one little comment or e-mail can put an extra pep in my step on any given day.) (hint hint, wink wink)

Whereas if I get a text message from a chap I'm seeing, cool. But if I don't... uh, what. the. heck. In comes the over-analyzation, the worry, the frustration at one's inability to carry out a speedy response and/or portray a willful and determined desire to communicate and show interest. The dating life can really be so stressful, ya know. Joyous in many ways, yes, but by golly, stressful as f.

I needed this break. And I'm enjoying it quite nicely.

Much credit to this whole blogging voyage. Really. Aside from setting some pretty huge goals for myself as of lately, creating this little space has given me something to keep busy with, something to motivate me, to hold me accountable, to really truly focus on myself and those relationships (new and old) in my life that are strictly platonic. To reflect on how far I've come since the new year when I was so generously hit all at once with a bunch of craziness and heartbreak.

And boy have I really gone and done it. I've created a domain name, a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page.. the whole nine yards, in an attempt to make this new beloved hobbie of mine known. And ya wanna know something? I kinda feel like a jack ass. I mean, in all honesty, it's not like I'm asking people to come check out or support some great cause I'm fighting for. Or like I'm in some cool band that deserves an established fan base. Or even running a real profitable business behind this. Even the thought of that being the case in the future, just seems so far-fetched when all I'm really doing here is talking about myself and my mostly ordinary life. We've all got our own stories to tell, and I've got some crazy ones, sure, but at the moment, it's not like I'm really doing anything that extravagant. I'm moving to New York. From California. There's been plenty of moments already where I've thought to myself, "Really Jen? Who cares."

But you know what. Who cares who cares! At the end of the day, I'm doing this for me. With or without comments, followers, approval... this is my new gig, and it makes me really, very happy. For the interested-welcome! For the non-interested-it's all good! Heck, my sisters never click onto this thing, except to steal and re-load photos I took of them onto their instagrams..and it's doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm not doing this for anyone else, I'm doing it for me.

This is my blog. My own personal journeys accounted for. My super savvy new generator of peace and self-reflection. My new boyfriend. (Along with Peeta Mellark. Hello precious piece of fiction. I have a huge crush on you.)

I just wanna say thanks to everyone who is here and reading. I progress with or with out you, but your company, your thoughts, and your encouragement, is sweet. And it means a lot to me. Really, really.

In other news, I'm having some crazy thoughts lately. Like.... just buying my one-way plane ticket to New York for the 1st of June. I already have a place to stay at first when I get there... maybe I should just do it. Just get out there. I'm feeling so anxious lately, it hurts, and the longer I hold on tight to this whole "save five grand first", the more I wonder if it's just gunna hold me back longer than necessary.

What do you guys think?

Risky has always been my color....

And going back to blogging...  how do you feel about it--Why do you read blogs? And if you have a blog of your own, why do you blog? How do you feel about "promoting" your blog? Do you sometimes feel like I do.. a little bit silly and self-centered?

Here's what some really awesome people have shared about their own blogging experiences, that has truly reassured my own part in all of this, as well as inspired me to keep at it passionately.

- Tammy's post about blogging.
- Jenni Chui's post, "Why I'll Never Quit Blogging"
- This incredible piece by Alexandra Rosas from Blogher's Voices of the Year last summer. (This one is more for those trying to understand what blogging even is, or why any of us do it... but still. I just love this piece so much, I have to share! )

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)


  1. i love this post!! i feel you so much on what you're saying...
    i have my own blog with a very small amount of readers, but like you said, it's YOUR space! you can talk about and share whatever you want, and if someone else should happen to find it interesting thats awesome but at the end of the day it's all about what you get from it :)
    i read blogs for inspiration and comfort, to know that there's other out there, on a budget, trying to make it, whatever it may be. it's really a great way to show us that the world really isn't that big. and i definitely find so many ideas for projects or recipes or new styles to try out, it's just such a personal and unique way to connect.
    i read your blog all the time and definitely wish the best for you no matter where you go :)

    1. Vita...HEY! Wow, so great to hear from you and I so did not know you had a blog ! Yet another reason to love this space I've created--so many old friends and past acquaintances have popped up and reached's great :) Well, I will definitely be checking your blog out now! Thank you so much for the warm wishes, my dear!

  2. Incredibly insightful blog entry! I completely get where you're coming from. Any comment or like or even page view can send me into a happiness spiral. haha. So silly, isn't it? :)

    I have SO been there with your whole 'save up 5 grand first' scheme... and I did... and it didn't feel like enough was saved. And now here I am, in stupid love, and waiting to move until he graduates. Just do it. Put yourself out there. Things have a way of working themselves out! :)

  3. I just discovered your blog and I must say I really like it! Awesome blog!! May I follow?

  4. YAY for you.

    And I still love you, though it's taken a few seconds to get over the It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! sight of me in orange. At BlogHer.

    And what was I thinking.

    Note to self: get stylist for next year's reading.


    Thank you so much! You have me humbled, smiling, giddy: all at once.

    Here's to our husband/boyfriend blogs. And how happy they make us.

    MUCH LOVE. xo

  5. P.S. I'll be at BlogHer 12, on a panel called "Blogging for the love of it."

    Please stop by and say hi, so I can hug you.


    1. Alexandra! Ah, you rock my life today. OF COURSE I will find you this year at Blogher!

      I am really such a huge fan of yours ! Thank you for stopping by here today--what a treat.

      Much much love!!

  6. Thanks for the follow, i had to come say hello! You're blog is lovely and how exciting about New York, I'd love to visit one day soon. Anyways, hope you're having a great day!!

  7. I love that piece by Alexandra. She was the first one to present... warmed up the crowd for the rest of us. :)

    It's true, blogging is totally egocentric. DOn't feel bad about it - embrace it... because it's also a profound way of connecting with others on a personal yet grand scale. Does that even make sense? I'm sleepy.
    I'm also compulsive about the comments and tweets, etc. But I've been married for several years now - I need some kind of "boyfriend".

    Come hug me at BlogHer too!

    1. Jenni, I am such a huge fan of yours too! Wow, what a lucky gal I am to have two of my fav bloggers show up on my blog and leave a comment. I mean I did throw out a bone with your name on it on Twitter and everything, but I guess I wasn't expecting you gals to show up and even offer hugs at Blogher?? I'm in!

      You make sense all the same, even when your sleepy. Embrace my ego, I shall, and am. Because even though this is a space all about me, it's also a space where great exchanges are made, from one being to another. Like right now. Truly thanks for stopping by. I HEARTS YOU.

  8. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!

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