Somebody, somewhere said, "Don't apologize for falling behind on your blog posts." This person sounded smart and I like to follow the things that smart people say. So, I'm not going to apologize for falling behind on my blog posts this week. K. Glad we had that chat.

Now. Before I go to bed and lose an hour of sleep (thanks Spring DUMBward-you're just as dumb as.... what I just typed at the beginning of these parentheses.) I wanna deliver the goods this week.

First off---A brilliantly written piece by Jenni Chiu. I've only been a part of the blogging gang for a few months now, but the rewards have been great- utterly fulfilling. I think this post says why-- in the most eloquent of fashions. Bravo, Jenni! P.S. Jenni's entire blog rocks. Have a looksy.

This next homegirl almost isn't worth mentioning because, well everyone and their blogging mothers and sisters already know/follow the genius, I'm sure, but I refuse to discount how much amusement and pleasure I get out of reading her stuff. Alas, here's my favorite Dooce post this week. When else, I'd give two nickels about loose baby teeth, I don't know. This woman just knows how to tell a story. I love her so much for it, I think I'm starting to hate her.

Then there's this guy. Yeah. Guy. As in Dude. MALE BLOGGER. They do exist. With quite the advantage, I must say. Kinda like good looking straight dudes in a college drama department (don't get me started.) Anyway. This guy. I spotted him during Blog Brunch last weekend. Creeped onto his twitter, eventually onto his blog, then read his bio, and became an instaFAN. Then, I proceeded to check out some of his posts and said, wait, but no, I really am a fan of this guy----His blog is awesome. Seriously, check it out. He features some really eclectic works by a motley crew of artists (like this one, I heart) and his composition is impressive, even without the fact that English is his second language. Hats off to you, G. You're pretty, G.

Speaking of eclectic artists, The Jealous Curator featured this artist this week. Whoah. Je t'aime. To get a view of the full collection, I suggest clicking onto the artist's website (the collection is called Dare Alla Luce). My absolute favorite piece is this one. Brilliance.

Here's something delicious, I can only dream of attempting to make on my own. Dear bloggers/people in my life who bake, can you bake these for me and send them to me on my birthday? Or sometime this week? Gratzi.

Finally, these lollerskates here and here. (Via Noa. Thanks, girlfriend.)

There's more, so much more. I'm ripping you and my archives off. But I'm sleepy. And still not apologizing. (But kinda.)

I love you?

Happy Sunday.

( I'll be a posting monster this week, I swear. )

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  1. YAY! Male bloggers- represent! haha. Thanks so much for the shoutout Jen and for the super flattering words! This MADE MY DAY (yah, caps and all). Muito obrigado amiga.


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