Spring Time in the Beach Town.

Happy Spring, babies.

I woke up to a beautiful day and decided that I was going to put on some real clothes.. some make up even and go outside. I brought Michelle with me.

We decided it would be kinda cute to get all nostalgic and visit some of our past hang outs. So guess what. We did!

Our little journey started at the epic Arroyo Verde Park where we spent our summers ice blocking and attending cross country practice. (We enjoyed/reflected more heavily on the former.) Here's a few snapshots. Isn't this park huge and amazing? It's even bigger than it looks in the photos. Awesome hiking/running trails and grassy knolls for dayssss.

Had to hit up downtown of course---because that's what you do on a sunny day in the 805... you go DT Ventura and enjoy all the fine shops and pastel colors it has to offer. I think our city council is made up of people who believe in Easter colors year round. This speculation hails from the fact that 60% of our city's buildings/houses is painted as such. I do not object. At all.

(Can you tell we are seesters?)

Considering it had been awhile since I'd been up to the Cross, I said, "letsssss gooo!" To which Michelle said, "ooooook!" And so up we went! Brought back a lot of memories of burrito picnics and ex-boyfriends. Good memories on both accounts !

I'm pretty proud of these shots. I have to say thank you to clear skies and Instagram for really making me feel like a talent today.

We had to pick up Shannon (sister #duex) up from work shortly after we left the cross, so while we waited for her to end her shift at the mall, we decided to cross the street and pay our middle school campus a visit. Wow, was that a flash back. Strange how long ago that feels, that very awkward time where I attempted to play the oboe in the school band, and wore the same Hurley sweatshirt everyday, to not match my multi-colored fat shoe laces on my beloved pair of pink adidas. That time when, all I wanted was to be cool and popular and liked, and secretly (but not secretly) admired by boys named Jordan, Wesley, and Stanley. Jordan especially. That kid had nice hair. I have no idea where in the world those characters of my youth exist now, but in my memory they return to me so vividly. Ah, middle school. It was a time filled with P.E. numbers, arctic freezes, lip sync contests, weeples, seagull poop, G.A.T.E., slam books, hundreds of notes in class and really just no idea what was yet to come in this little 'ol life of mine. And still, who knows what is yet to come. Life is really something, ain't it.

Ballin' artwork! Always loved our very colorful campus.

We picked up Shannon and brought her back to partcipate in this very important Sobel sisters public announcement:
Can you tell that I'm not joking around?

Somedays I really do go back and consider being a school teacher just so that I can take care of all the little ones that get picked on. Boy oh boy, would I love the heck out of them. And protect them like no other. For real.

After Anacapa, we migrated to Thousand Oaks to grab some dinner, purchase some Apple products for Michelle's new macbook (lucky biatch) and to also touch a bunch of shoes at Nordstroms we all wish we had the money to buy right now (Oh hey Oxfords...FIND A MAGICAL WAY TO GET INTO MY CLOSET, WON'T YOU/THANKS.) We would have taken more photos, but......our phones died. Ha. Poor us, we had to look at each other's faces not through an iphone lens, and actually talk to one another! Who does that anymore these days??

It was a wonderful, beautiful day spent with wonderful, beautiful sisters :)

And Ventura---You are a wonderful, beautiful place to call home. I'm sure gunna miss ya when I leave for the city. That's all I gatta say.


  1. Woooooow!!! What great photos!!! It's so beautiful out there! :)

  2. Gorgeous photos Jen! I had no idea you wrote a blog, how fun! I love it so far, can't wait to read more. Also, love the trip down memory lane in the 805, I'll be doing one myself this summer on my road trip to Cali :)

  3. Very lovely pictures cute girl! Looks like you and your sister had a ton of fun! I love spending quality time with my younger sister (;



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