The Bachelor vs. SHA.

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Alright, ok. Let it be known. I have a little bit of an obsession with reality TV. Especially the dating kinds. After a long night of waiting tables, it's the perfect medicine for entertainment/relaxation, and it goes well with my Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Get over it/get into it.

I've been a die hard fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette since Deanna's season. And by die hard fan, I mean yes, I have been known to stalk some of my favorite contestants on Twitter (even back when I first got Twitter a couple of years ago and then got rid of it.. because I was only using to it stalk contestants of the Bachelor). Yes, I've maybe added a few contestants on Facebook.. and I've certainly learned to appreciate Mondays under a completely different light. I've even, on many occasions, thought about auditioning for the show. Alas, I'm single now and could finally do it. Hey wait a minute. I'm single now and I could finally do it.. hmm.

I'll have to return to that thought later. But for now... I want to talk about the other dating show. You know, the one on CMT. No? Well, shoot. If you're a huge Bach fan like me... you gatta get into Sweet Home Alabama! Hullo. Not only is it a refreshing break from the last very wha-wha couple of seasons of the Bach, it's just more real, in my opinion. I mentioned this before already on a previous post, but I don't know... the contestants on SHA just seem more genuine and down to earth. Maybe it's a Southern thing, but even some of the "city" guys impressed me towards the end. Shaun Bigsss, I'm talking to you. And yeah... I'm moving to New York. So, uh, look me up.

And the finale of this last season. Holy canoli.... that was definitely one of the most raw set of moments I've ever seen on any reality dating show. I cried really hard for like a good ten minutes. And then konked out immediately after. That's how hard I cried. I don't know if it was just the realness of the emotions being portratyed or if it was my own baggage that greeted me at the sight of heartbreak. Or just good old menstruation. I'm gunna say all three. I really broke down when she let Bubba go. And all the same, my heart smiled rivers wide for Jeremiah, the sweet farmer boy she picked in the end. He's totally my kind of guy-a flannel wearing musician with a super guarded heart. Who doesn't hate that last trait, naturally, but I don't think they make flannel wearing musicians (who are also incredibly scruffy and handsome) with out it. Don't I know it.

Anyway, here's the happy couple. Aren't they presch?

I absolutely love Paige Duke and think she makes an extremely marvelous role model for what every women should be like. I really do have a lot of respect for the South. The mamas and papas around there sure seem to know what's up.

If you guys haven't seen the show... you can watch all of them online on CMT! Feel free to thank me and/or throw curses at me for adding a new addiction/guilty pleasure to your plate. You're welcome.

Lastly, how great are these Vday cards?? I want to high five the creators or whoever came up with this cute and fun idea. They have one for each contestant... but these ones were my faves. SHAUN SMITH, I kind of love you... even though you tweet like a high schooler. No, but really, I do love you. I was riding on a real pair of LOLLERskates every moment you were on air. Thanks for making my heart smile hundreds of times in a row.

(The answer is Yes, Jeremiah.) (oh shoot, she picked you.) (I mean yay.) (But shoot.)

all images found on CMT Facebook Page.

Here's to Paige and Jeremiah.
And guilty pleasures. (What's yours? Do you watch these shows too ??)
And to Bubba! I sure hope they pick him to be the next Bachelor on SHA. Either way, he deserves one hell of an amazing lady.


  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award!! :) You're lovely <3

    Xoxo, Sarah

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