Zedis la pedis! What a week! I have to really say thank you to all the incredible feedback I have received via e-mail & Facebook. My family is still laughing at me, shouting "Blogger!" every time I enter the room, or am caught staring at my computer for more than five minutes (hours) at a time. But oh well! I am so grossly happy to wake up every morning and be greeted with new comments (however few!), followers, e-mails from close friends of mine who are feeling inspired to start up blogs of their own. Seriously, guys. Even if I don't make tons of money doing this eventually, it's such a joy to just get my feelings and thoughts out there, and in return, have it be appreciated and celebrated by others.


 I do still hope to make tons of money from doing this in the future. Ha! I just wanna be Dooce when I grow up! Type my mind in PJs everyday and roll in 40k a month? Uh, yes please.

With all that being said, tons of goodies this week.

Given the fact that I've purchased my ticket to Blogher this summer (first blogging conference ever, what what), the thought of making up some business cards of my very own has certainly crossed my mind. What better timing than for CUP OF JO to grace the cyberspace with this creative and very amusing collection of business card ideas. Aren't these all just super???! Can't say mine will be anywhere near as genius or inventive as any of these, but then again, maybe. I have a pretty fun idea in mind. Yup, I do.

Also this week, an incredible project I stumbled upon much thanks to my darling new bloggy friend, Lisa over at Joycreation. Being the sucker I am for all things romantic and sweet, I couldn't help but to be moved by Lauren Fleishman's work here in her project titled "Love Ever After", where she marks NYC couples who have been married for more than 50 years. I think the video at the top of her Kickstarter page explains it all, so beautifully. I am happy to be a small contributor to her project!

I think it's safe to say that Natalie Holbrook is my blogging hero. Not only does she take ridiculously adorable photos of her little Huck-babes (child-son), but she writes posts like these. Dear Natalie, I really like you. And your blog. A lot. (Who doesn't, I know.) But I'm just sayin'. For all my dear friends who are still trying to understand what a lifestyle blog is or why they are super cool, just visit Natalie's little space, and there's your answer.

Alsoooo on the blog feed this week. This lady. Postin' about her birthday travels thru New England. The past couple years, I've randomly developed a fascination with the New England states and have decided it is my calling in this lifetime to add a New England road trip to the list. Thanks for the stunning photos and the added inspiration, Chelsea. Happy Birthday and welcome to my blog roll :-)

Finally. This funny bitch. I think I spent a good two hours reading through her posts with a big bowl of popcorn and an airspace of crowded LOLs. Too good. Seriously, click here and here for some true amusement. You're totally welcome in advance. To Noa, I vote You. For president.

That's it! Until next time on Weekly Goods. Merry Day!

Coming up this week: On-going consumptions of jelly beans on my part, hopefully a part duex to this week's post defending my people in the service industry, and indubitably, a couple of Punky rambles that will most likely be more entertaining for me to produce, than for any of you to read.


  1. I'm pretty stoked too! And inspired to blog more....Blog Brunch is such a terrific thing, I can't even describe it! I am so sad it only comes around once a month! ;)

    1. Hey Sierra! Thanks for stopping by :-) I am OBSESSED with Blog Brunch. What a great idea, right? I agree, EVERY SATURDAY would be more ideal. We should draw up a petition :-)

  2. Punky, I love your weekly goods! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Yes, Lauren's project is amazing and so inspiring! Thank you also for the introduction to all the other wonderful blogs. I can't wait to look at them in more detail. Looking forward to seeing your business cards, too!

  3. Thanks for including me, doll! xo


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