New Hairs! You Cares!

Hey so. I cut my hair. It needed to happen. IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Actually, it was time for something a little less maintenance. So I got bangs! Ha. It was time to bring Punky back. Here's a little before/after action.

Sidenote: I'm watching Jennifer's Body on FX right now. Um, secretly very entertaining. Adam Brody wears rockstar psycho killer well. Like an urban outfitter's men's flannel button down on sale. Summer would be proud. Or totally freaked out. One of the two.

In other news, a boy asked me to brunch tomorrow morning. I said "ok". Only because I love mimosas more than I love my campaign against dating in 2012. (Apparently) aosgh834 I'm nervous a little bit. And I don't know what I'm doing. Other than drinking mimosas after church and before work.

I'm gunna try real hard to conjure up a Weekly Goods post tomorrow, but don't count on it. Just keep living and breathing as you do so beautifully with little to no interest in what I'm doing here in this crazed new trend called "blogging." But do follow me on Twitter. Thanks, that would be sweet.



  1. Omg you are so cute!!! I love the bangs so sassy!!! Your blog name is adorable! I'm new to blogger, check out mine if u get the chance!

    Xx Kelly

  2. Haaayyy bangz! Keepin' foreheads warm since 1982!

    Very very cute! :)


  3. Love your bangs - they look super cute!


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