Happy Monday/President's Day.

Hola hola. I'm on my way to work, but I just wanted to pop in real quickly and make a small blessing upon the new week.

I went to church yesterday morning and it felt kinda good. I used to go to the church a lot when I was in junior high/high school. But then I stopped going...for various reasons. Anyway, good thing I went, or else I would have forgotten that this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday/beginning of Lent. Anyone participating in the "lenting" this season? What are you giving up? I'm still deciding. I mean I've already pretty much thrown gluten out the window. And actually, I haven't had a single sip of alcohol since the new year. Eh, maybe one glass of wine. But no whiskey or any hard liquor. This hasn't been intentional...liquor just hasn't been my choice of beverage. In fact, I've never been much of a drinker. Just a hardcore sugar addict.

Hmm.. maybe I'll give up jelly beans? (It's actually the only exception I've made for the no gluten campaign. Oh yeah and those two slices of pie. Whoops.)

I don't know. I don't usually participate in Lent, so I kind of don't even know why I'm talking about it/planning for it. I don't even know what LENT is. Do you? I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it. I never paid very much attention in bible school or during sermons. I just played footsies with all the boys sitting near me and drew doodles on the service programs.


In other news, I may be a bit MIA on the posting this week. I'm getting my ass a Twitter account, doing some more blog networking, and hopefully giving myself some time to catch up on my reading. Oh, and OSCARS are this Sunday. I love the Oscars. Still got quite a few films to get to.

My step brother Mitch is in town from Canada as well, which is super exciting. He's a pretty cool dude. Lookin' forward to spending time with him.

All that plus work work work. Everyday I'm hustlin'.

Well, Happy The Banks Are Closed Today/ Monday. I wish you all a wonderful, happy, and productive week.



  1. thanks for saying hello! what a treat it is to find a new friend! check in often...

    of COURSE i caught the messiest, angriest, bitterest tear fest in bachelor franchise history... what a wreck that was! those posts practically write themselves. they all give me so much material to work with, it kills me!

  2. PS - Your blog header is one of the coolest I've seen. Kudos to you! (And I suppose Stephen?)

    1. Megan, thanks! The city art piece completely belongs to Mr. Wiltshire, but the layout and the banner as a whole was designed by me! I skipped the gym, some sleep and several meals working on it, so I appreciate the compliment!

      - Punky

  3. Loved reading this post! What a great picture, too! I have to admit, that I don't know much about Lent either, but I'm glad you reminded me. I'd love to hear more about your switch to a gluten free lifestyle - I've toyed with the idea for quite a while now, but don't even know where to start. Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the Oscars!

    1. Lisa, my lovely new friend! Thanks for stopping by. I definitely plan on posting some more about my Gluten-free endeavors. Stay tuned. Wishing you a spectacular weekend as well. xoxo


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