Update in Five Minutes or Less.

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Hi. I could just eat tangerines all day long, how about you?


Another week passed in this glorious new year of challenge, transition, and conquering the world. 

I've got literally five minutes before I gotta hop in the shower and meet my pops and sis at the local cinema. 

But before I wipe off all the blood sweat and tears gathered from this weekend's marathon of pinning & blog surfing/educating/designing, I did wanna hand out a few updates. 

It's really no big deal or anything, but..... I GOT A JOB.


Well, I mean a second one. A second one that is much better than the first one. A serving one to be exact. In a popular, cute little Mom and Pop Steakhouse in Santa Barbara. They just recently lost one of their long-time servers and I swooped in and took the position like it was made for me to take. I start Wednesday (hallelujah!)

Let the official saving for NYC begin.


I am so happs! 

Also, whoah. I fail, I know. I was suppose to do my divorce post yesterday morning, but in the end it wasn't my Mother that got to me, it was Pinterest. Pinterest, you are naughty invention, yes you are. (But I love you.)

 I might be able to crank out the post tonight, I don't know we'll see. I def have some good stuff planned for the coming weeks. Excited to share!

Hope the day is being good to you.


- Punx

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