Mid day babble.

My little brother is sick. Possible stomach flu. He's been throwing it up all morning.

Poor Guy. I really wanna hug him. But not half as much as I would like him quarantined to his room please.

Shanny (baby sis, older sis to little brother, I'll draw trees one day to explain the whole family system, it's good, modern, and complicated) came home from her usual over-night stay at her boyfriend's (his name is Bryant) and made her usual stop by my office (aka room aka bat cave) on the way into her own room to ask me how my day is going, at which point, I responded with "I don't know, I haven't seen the sun yet. Only the light from my computer screen thus far. Brandon doesn't seem to be doing too well, though. He's got the stomach flu I think....don't get too close to him." In which Shannon responded with, "What? Well, what is he doing in the living room then?? That's where people LIVE." In which, I chuckled in agree-ance, as he has apparently made post on our living room couch as his resting site.

Prayers for the infected brother.

I do have so much more to say, and so much I have wanted to say, but not enough copyright free images to accompany my words. It's important to me to paint a pretty picture here. I don't think my love for black and white mixed in with my dry humor is going to cut it in terms of aesthetics for this blog. It'll have to for this post. I'm vigorously working on creating some images of my own, which I am oh so excited to share with you.

Until the next one, good day. I'm hoping to return later with some real updates. Do wait for it.

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