Ventures in Venice.

What a happy Thursday it was. 

The seesters and I took a little field trip to LA today with Papa Sobel to meet with our step brother Mitch, his wife Melissa and their darling little Lucy for some lunch. We met at some hole in the wall Korean restaurant where we got to cook our own shrimp and octopus right at the table. All you can eat for only fifteen buckaroos a head. Papa bear never fails to offer up a nice buffet of culture at a bargained price. And oh, how cultural it was. I stopped asking what it was exactly I was eating at a certain point. Just made sure whatever it all was, it was cooked to a temperature that seemed safe and then drenched in whatever fancy pools of sodium were available before I took to consuming. The shrimp was very good. That much I could identify and can state with certainty.

Aside from probable cow tongues, it was a fabulous little reunion with the bro and his crew. They live in a far away land called Canada where daughter Lucy is in kindergarten, soon to enter GRADE 1. Sisters and I had not met her prior to today's meeting, since the last time we saw Mitch (circa '09), he was visiting solo. She was quite the doll. Freckly face just like her mama. And super excited to have three (super awesome cool hip) aunties greeting her. I remember being that age and just being in awe of my older cousins/young aunties. I just wanted to follow them around and paint my nails the same color as theirs and be like their mini sidekick. It's really a shame that we have so many neat relatives that live so far away. My dad's side is literally sprawled all over the continent. And my mom's entire side is a whole continent away. It makes for some great destination opportunities, sure, but there's so many years of potential growing alongside and really getting to know in between that don't get cashed in. And it's kind of a bummer. 

Luckily, in my quest to become a New Yorker, I'm also giving myself the opportunity to spend more time and get to know my cousin Marni and her adorable twins Jaden and Mateo better. In fact, I will be living with them the first month of my arrival. I can't wait to make like a mommy blogger and take 28347 pictures of their precious faces and post them all over this blog as if they were my own offspring. It's definitely happening. You can count on it. Not just because my face is going to need a sub eventually (real soon), but they are some cute kids. You'll see.

So lunch came to a closing. We gave big hugs goodbye to Mitch and co. and then sisters and I decided that since we all had the day off... why not stroll on over to Venice Beach for the afternoon? 

And so we did! And it was a marvelous time. And I'm proud to say I didn't spend any money. No incense or super awesome eclectic jewelry today. It was a close call, but I stuck to my save-my-money-for-new-york mantras, and to the Instagram. The Instagram never fails to keep me supremely occupied and/or distracted from any lesser or greater evils. Here's some winners for the scrap books. 

Group shot with Mitch, Melissa, and Lucy. Are we cool or are we cool.

Evening ended with a final stop at the cinema for a showing of Hugo. I cried. A lot. The cinematography alone, not just in this movie, but so many movies lately is just becoming more and more overwhelming. Like in a very stunning and awe-inspiring way. My little artistic soul can't help but to be moved in ways that show shamelessly thru heavy tears and loud sniffles.

It's going to be quite the Oscar party on Sunday. 

I can't wait. Can you?


  1. Oh, yes, you are cool :) You took all of those with Instagram? Love the pics, love the story.

  2. Hey thanks! Yeah, I use both Instagram and TiltShiftGen, and then the Frames app :-)

  3. Oops, sorry - I should have updated my profile BEFORE posting :) Let's try this again...

    Jen, you've spiked my interest in Venice Beach! The photos turned out beautiful and I loved reading about your day. It sounds like so much fun!!


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