A Little Oscars Recap.

Here is Sister Michelle. Posing for the camera pre Oscar party. She decided to go Tyra Banks with this bright and spectacular one-sie. I liked it! 

One-sie: Rachel Roy. Shoes: Report

Me and Shanny. Keeping it real on the 101, on our way to the LA party. 

Show highlights:

- Meryl's acceptance speech. It was perfect. 
- George Clooney. Always. Anywhere. Everywhere. I love him. No, not love. LOVE.
- The ladies of Bridesmaids-hilarious.
- The ladies of The Help-non-stop inspiring. 
- Robert Downing Jr.
- And of course, Angelina's twig like arms, and HEY LOOK AT ME! thigh. As if it wasn't enough to be sitting front row center at the Academy Awards with Brad Pitt. She just had to show off some thigh too. Hey Angie, how about YOU GO EAT SOME CHICKEN THIGHS. A whole box of them!
Some things are a little strange to me. And by things I mean people. And by people I mean Angelina Jolie. BUT, all attention slash meat-seeking thighs aside, that was a pretty sick dress she was rocking. And by sick, I do mean amazing. I really don't mean to bash the woman entirely, I just wish she would eat something. Really. 

Also, I do have to say that Michelle Williams is absolutely darling. I'll always remember her as the pretty new girl in town in Dawson's Creek who went by Jen instead of Jennifer. And how this inspired me with great excitement, as a twelve year old, to do the same. True Story. Ha. I have gone by mostly only Jen ever since! And yes, as a tween I did obsess over shows like Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was definitely your standard boy-crazy, make-up wearing, "MOM PLEASE LET ME SHAVE MY LEGS", sassy, gum-smacking, popularity-seeking tween. Um yeah, it was fucking obnoxious. But I digress. MICHELLE WILLIAMS. Look at the woman now! She is just stunning. But in a very serene and gentle sort of way. Like a bouquet of daisies. Love her.

All in all, it was a good show this year. Sigh. I do love the Oscars. So very much so. Maybe one day I can be a seat filler. Wouldn't that be something!

Happy Monday to you.


  1. That onsie is fabulous! I love Rachel Roy:) Checking you out form the LC forum! Nice blog!

    XO Kelley

  2. This just looks like a fun day, period! I was exactly the same way as a tween... seeing pictures of myself in pink sparkly eyeshadow is mortifying... but hey, we all make mistakes on our way to becoming the most fabulous versions of ourselves we can be!!!




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