One for the Money... Two for the Show.

Photo by Nicole Nodland
Lana Del Rey. 

I'm a fan.

It's funny because a few weeks ago I was driving around LA looking for jobs. And by looking, I mean, sitting in traffic. And in those riveting hours of being deposited between intersections, I found myself looking out my window and seeing just lines of the above poster plastered on walls and along fences in the city. I thought to myself... "Who is that? ........And why is she so pretty?" I quickly settled for being envious of her face and as a result of that, skeptical of her talents. 

Then a week ago, my grand pal Christina sent me the following text: Hi. Will you come to a Lana Del Rey show with me at amoeba in la on tues?

To which I responded: Yes! I'm in!

Because all judgements based on envy put aside, I was secretly intrigued. And so I did a little homework before the show....looked up some facts, downloaded some of her tunes, you know. And even though I thought it was kinda of sills that Lana Del Rey isn't even her real name (in fact, Lizzy Grant), I was feelin' her sound and looking forward to what a live performance would look like. 

So Christina and I got our free Amoeba show on (the best kind of shows... I have a very romantic relationship with said record store. And a very romantic relationship for free things.. for that matter.) And. Well, to put it plainly, homegirl is SPECIAL. I absolutely adored her/her cute and humble set/her voice/her simple jeans and white button down attire/her little jive and two finger wave/her pretty much everything. I don't even care that her cool name was made up anymore, I forgive her. Pretty sure every boy in the room was seduced into a man, and every man in the room melted down to a giddy boy. With every other girl nodding the word, "Respect".

She is beautiful. Talented and unique. And I am kinda obsessed with her song "Born to Die." Not because I can relate to it or anything.... (I certainly have no experience with doomed relationships that are highly dysfunctional.. nope, not at all.), but it's just got an addictive beat to it. Definitely one of those songs you can leave on repeat for several hours/weeks.

Anyway, if you're still bumpin' Adele in your car late at night, feeling emotional and nostalgic, I definitely recommend inviting Lana to the club. 

You can check out her music vids to "Born to Die" and "Blue Jeans" here and here. Those are my fav songs by far, but the entire album is pretty stellar. "Million Dollar Man" is another fav too. 

And yeah, that's all. With that.

Well, actually, here's some cool shots of Amoeba before I close this post. (+two super cool bitches who attended the show.... I didn't get their names, but they were COOL.)

Post Edit: Check out a live recording of "Born to Die" at this show here

Come take a walk on the wild side
Let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane


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    1. Well, I'll be darned! Thanks Ms. ABC, that DEF means a lot ! :) Just so we're clear... I DO rock. And you & your blog do too!!!!



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