Here's the Thing.

It's not that I'm messy. My room is just really g damn small.

Three things fall out of place, and suddenly there's no where to step. Now let three things a day accumulate. Come Friday and I don't even wanna talk about it.

There's really no space for anything. And to think... I got rid of about 1/2 my belongings/furniture before I moved back into my family home space. 

It's really rather frustrating to have no room for any clutter or misplacing. I mean I have bigger things keeping me up at night, and a roof, American citizenship, incredible cholestral, and a package of smart water in my possesion to shut up my bitching and complaining.... on pretty much all accounts. But, I'm just sayin'. I'm not messy. I'm not. The perimeters of my room just SUCK.

Ok. Now that that's been said. Hiiii.

Hope it's been a productive week thus far. It has for me. Today, I've been especially busy, but rather cranky as well. (Have you caught that?) Yes, it is FACT that I can be a cranky little fish from time to time, especially if I haven't had enough sleep. And if I have a headache. And if.... I'm on day five of no gluten, no dairy. Um, yeah. What the fuck, is right. I'm doing it mostly for legit reasons, but also for a couple of dumb reasons. More on this later.

As for right now, I do feel slightly more prone to a secret shade of peachiness due to the facts that a. my room is completely clean. (Yep! I CRAMMED everything back into place...weeee) and b. my newest guilty pleasure is arriving to my television screen this evening. Some of you people out there may have heard of the show The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Yes, I'm obsessed with it too. Since Deanna. But what about SWEET HOME ALABAMA???? I am totally hooked. And in a way, I almost dare say, I enjoy it more than the Bachelor/ette. Yeah, it's kinda corney. And they're running on a much smaller budget...

"Tonight on our date we're gunna go to the local pub and shoot darts, and then we're gunna spend some time starring at the stars in the back of my pick up truck..." 

"Really? But, but, but Ben takes his girls on helicopters and to Panama!" 

-This would probably be my response. 

Actually no, it wouldn't. At all. But just to give you an idea of the two shows in comparison. 

I LIKE that Sweet Home Alabama actually sends their bachelors and bachelorettes on simple and practical dates.. because that's what dating is in real life....dinner and a movie. Not a private yacht and fireworks for dessert. Shit, I'd fall in love on date 2 too, if that were the standard.

Having seen, both the last season of SHA (Tribble's Season... dear people of the world, don't name your child "Tribble," by the way, thanks) and now Paige Duke's season (the current one), I'm both surprised and impressed with how much more real and down to earth the group of people they have on the show are. Certainly much more humility being shown than all the crazy crying bitches and boring yet pompous dudes on the Bach.  I mean there's still some real knuckleheads here and there on SHA (mostly the singles from the city... shame on them! They're makin' us look bad!), but I have a new respect for the Southern folk... they're sweet as pie, really.

And Bubba is HOT. Wow, maybe in 2013, when I'm taking romance applications from the male species again, I'll specify, "Cowboys: Strongly Encouraged to Apply!"

Until then, I shall live vicariously through Ms. Paige Duke. (Who is also very hot, my goodness. What a woman!)

(For the record, I do not take romance applications from the female species. But I do often comment on hot women and celebrate their hotness).

Anywhos. Oh, how I babble! Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up bright and early and compose a post about my experience and opinions on DIVORCE. That is, unless, my mother catches me on my computer being super self-involved and demands that I help her with house cleaning. In which case, she wins, since she is currently helping me out with my car payments each month. Actually, in all cases, she wins. It's been that way since 1962 I think. When she was born. 

Alright, time for Bubba.

May you spend your Friday evening delighting in things as foolish as reality TV dating shows and...pinning. Yup, I'm signing up for Pinterest tonight! Let the new addiction begin. 


P.S. A warm, happy thanks to Ann Burr for highlighting my blog this week. Check out her awesomeness over at Alphabet Concepts.

Post Edit: I like Jeremiah from Minnesota as well. Mmm boys and bandanas.

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